10 Latest VNG Chess Battle Codes get free gold, exp, crystal

Immediately after logging in VNG Generals, gamers can use Giftcode, change the latest VNG General Battle Code to receive extremely good 5-star Long Vuong generals. Each VNG Chess Battle Code has its own value and number of attached items, so you should enter them all to not miss any gifts from NPH VNG.

For every strategy game, the beginning is always the most important part, the foundation for your development later, so you need to use it regularly. Code VNG Tướng Latest get rare items, compete for rank to get more rewards.

1. Introduction of the game VNG Tướng

King of Nations – Also known as Fighting Generals VNG is a hands-free strategy game on Android and iOS, the game is inspired by the long-standing legend of Vietnam that allows you to freely combine, Conquer the tower, build flexible tactics to compete for the stronghold, the alliance to claim hegemony.

2. Outstanding features of the game Fighting Generals VNG

– Multinational tactical general battle game on Android and iOS
– Give away 50 hero spins, 5 star general tickets when logging in
– Awakening the god generals Long Vuong and Tien Mau
– Over 2000 tower levels of increasing difficulty
– Activities to compete for strongholds and alliances to claim hegemony.

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Summary of the latest VNG Mobile Chess Battle Code

3. Why enter the VNG Chess Game Code?

Entering VNG Chess Battle Code is the fastest way for Lords to have hope of receiving Diamond, rare equipment set and stepping stoneunleashes high-damage moves, making the enemy unable to react

4. Latest VNG Chess Battle Code List

Note: Each code is only valid once for an account.


Taimienphi is updating and adding the latest VNG Chess Fighting Giftcode

5. The fastest way to enter VNG Chess Battle Code

Step 1: Access the exchange link Code VNG Tướng Latest HERE.
Step 2: Log in Game Account VNG General Battle.

the most popular code in every country

Step 3: Select Server and Figure at each item.
Step 4: Import Code VNG Tướng and Verification codesclick Get Rewards.

enter the original code

– Appear Notification Change VNG Champion successfully.

how to use code

Step 5: Log in to the game, go to Letters get reward.

full code

List of codes that are used every day

6. How to get new VNG Chess Battle Code

Like Page, Go to Group, Subscribe to Youtube, Follow Tiktok, Share Clip to receive VNG Chess Battle Code are new events that provide GiftCode, each VNG Chess Game Code has a value and provides different items.
– VNG General Battle Fanpage homepage
– VNG General Battle Fanpage forum fb.com/dautuongvng
– VNG General Fighting Group Community fb.com/groups/dautuongvng
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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