5 Technologies Changing Social Media for the Better


Technology has influenced every aspect of our daily lives as well as social media being among of the most significant beneficiaries of its impact. In the case of social media platforms, such as SnapchatInstagram and others, we’re witnessing many positive changes thanks to technology.

In the near future and now social media is set to change to the good due to the technologies that follow:

1. AI Targeted Marketing

There’s been no technology as powerful as artificial intelligence when it comes to improving social media. With AI technology, every platform is equipped with a unique algorithm which helps them create what they believe their audience would most appreciate. That’s why you won’t get stories from all your brands and friends you follow.

AI is also a major factor in the field of marketing. You can now make an advertisement targeted for your particular audience and then pay for that advert only reach those with the highest likelihood to be interested. Don’t spend cash trying to distribute it to everyone since there’s no need to.

AI can also play a part in the automation of marketing, improving the way bots as well as data collection tools enhance your engagement and provide valuable data to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing.

For instance, the high-quality automation tool social captain is based on the most recent AI to find users, locate influencers and then promote your brand so that you don’t have do it all by yourself.

“As it acquires more data from its interactions, it gradually modifies its approach in order to magnify its impact,” is the conclusion of a review of the social captain.

In essence, AI is integral in helping your marketing be more efficient and decreasing how much time you have to devote to every platform.

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2. Influencer Marketing

Another component in targeted advertising that comes from the power in technology are influencer marketing. It is thought to be to be one of the most efficient social media strategies especially on Instagram.

It lets you connect to hundreds of millions of people (or even) without increasing your followers to that extent.

While artificial intelligence, as well as targeted advertising progress we’ll see improvements in this area as well.

“I think within a year or two, social media marketing will lean in on key influencers rather than working with everyone as they do today,” says Tomer Shmulevich, an influencer agent who spoke to Forbes.

“Every influencer can be excellent for generating exposure and can generate a lot buzz. But , in the present, you need certain types of influencers to be able to increase sales of the product.”

The most notable thing is that influencer campaigns are expected to take over advertising. People who are able to successfully manage this type of campaign will find the reach to be higher than geo-targeted advertisements.

Word-of mouth marketing is considered to be to be the most effective type of marketing, with 88% of consumers relying on the recommendation of a trusted source when making purchases. It’s not surprising that influencer marketing has been so effective.

“Brands are going to continue to grow as far as their marketing budgets; they’re going to continue to go after influencers that are more niche in their market,” Natalia Diaz, co-founder of the marketplace that is based on experience 123 Wish also shared with Forbes “I have friends managing big campaigns who are opting to put on events with influencers instead of traditional ads, because they know they’ll reach 20 million people and that’s just going to get bigger.”

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3. Privacy and Security Features

If you’re not hacked on social media but you’re likely to have someone you know who has. Social media can be described as the most targeted target for hackers because it’s easy to gain access to accounts as well as personal data.

It’s estimated that over 600 Facebook accounts are hacked every daily. Hackers make use of social spam and phishing, as well as link-jacking and life-jacking strategies to attempt to take control over your account and information.

It’s no surprise that this trend has raised the public’s awareness of security and privacy so you can customize your apps. “We’re seeing a shift in adoption and engagement on social media profiles that is related to our aversion to our tech addiction and our increasing awareness on the negative impact of tech,” says Jeanne Lewis, CEO of Capsure which is a social media platform dedicated towards humane and ethical design.

Social enterprises are placing a high priority on the security of user accounts using techniques like multi-factor authentication, to prevent cyber-attacks that are based on technology.

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is also associated with how social media will evolve in the coming years. We’ve seen a significant increase in participation with AR tools such as filters and lenses for photography as well as interactive tools offered by businesses.

You could even transform yourself into the form of a 3D bitmoji and show it off to your circle of friends. While these advances are exciting, as they are, we’ve not yet scratched the surface of what AR can bring to social media.

A report from Forbes predicts that we’ll start to see the development of virtual stores and live events AR videos and so on thanks to the potential of AR. These experiences are extremely accessible and shareable and offer the possibility for consumers and brands to interact on a more personal level.

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5. Communication Mediums

If you asked a typical customer twenty years ago which method they preferred for communication was, they would have said in-person interactions. The second option would likely be a telephone call, along with email or other text messages will be the next.

There’s been a major change in the way people communicate now that social media has become so simple. The majority of users say that communicating through social media is their current preferred method of communication.

Social media has elevated communication to a new level, and has added an element of personalization to every interaction between businesses. It has also developed a new avenue for young people who aren’t glued to the news at 6:00 in order to be informed of the latest happenings and their surroundings.

Social media communications create an urgency and the need to share information that help consumers and brands to make a difference.

“In basic communication, humans transmit information and receive instant feedback,” according to an article in the Higher Ed Marketing Journal. “The combination of messaging, texting, and emailing has allowed receivers and senders to be able to rest and think before making a response.

Instagram Stories and Snapchat have revolutionized the game by making content and messages available to be viewed for only 24 hours. To be able to recall the content that was spoken about, or even seen, and to respond in a timely manner, users must respond within the first hour after having opened the message. These temporary messages impede the ability to linger and provide an instant method in communication.”

This places a greater importance on quick and clear communication. Marketers looking to leave lasting impressions on their customers should make their communication via social media a top priority. People love the simple instantaneous connection they won’t find elsewhere.

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