6 Latest Honkai Star Rail Code 5/2023 and how to enter game code

Games Honkai Star Rail has a lot of playable characters, but if you want a few strong characters you will need a lot of Starlight Gems, just enter Code Honkai Star Rail you will have this rare currency with free Star Ticket, Ancient Dream.

After the great success of the hit game Genshin Impact, NPH miHoYo continues to launch a new product called Honkai Star Rail. This is a role-playing game, the ultimate strategy for gamers who want to be mobile. Currently gamers can register an account, download and play Honkai Star Rail on PCAndroid and iOS, enter the Code Honkai Star Rail before embarking on an adventure, exploring the world.

Reference: How to register for a Honkai Star Rail account
Reference: Configuration to play Honkai Star Rail on PC, Android and iOS

code honkai star rail

Summary of the latest free Honkai Star Rail Codes

I. Full Code Honkai Star Rail Latest


II. How to Enter Code Honkai Star Rail Fastest

Players need to complete the quest Peaceful moment of the Universe To be able to open Mail, go to your mailbox to receive a reward for exchanging Code Honkai Star Rail
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1. How to enter the Honkai Star Rail Code in the game
Step 1: At the main screen in the game, click the icon Phone.

honkai star rail code

Step 2: On the next screen, click the . icon three dots.

honkai star rail code

Step 3: Select Redeem Code at the table.

honkai star rail code list

Step 4: Enter the latest Honkai Star Rail Code, press Confirm.

Enter the code for the honkai star rail game

– Notification Successful Exchangeclick Confirm.

how to enter honkai star rail code in game

– Into the system Mail (Letter) as shown below.

redeem giftcode game honkai star rail

– Click Receivecollect the Honkai Star Rail Code redemption.

honkai star rail codes

– Click any location to receive rewards.

hong hop ma code honkai star rail

2. How to enter the Honkai Star Rail Code on the website
Step 1: Access the website to change the Honkai Star Rail Code HERE
Step 2: Click on Server.

honkai star rail code

Log in to your account need to change Honkai Star Rail Code.

honkai star rail game code

Step 3: Click Server select Server contains your character.

how to enter code honkai star rail

Step 4: Import Code Honkai Star Rail and check the information again, press Redeem reward exchange.

doi ma giftcode honkai star rail

– Notification Redeemed successfullychange Honkai Star Rail Code successfully.

redeem code honkai star rail

Step 5: Return to the game, select phone icon top left corner.
– Enter Letters get reward.

enter giftcode game honkai star rail

III. What is the Honkai Star Rail Code?

The Honkai Star Rail Code gives you free in-game rewards like Star Gems to buy new characters, credits to buy some useful items. Hoyoverse tends to release Code Honkai Star Rail from updated live streams, these happen every 6 weeks for Genshin Impact, so we expect to see them appear more often for players maybe get the Honkai Star Rail for free without having to load the card.

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IV. How To Get New Honkai Star Rail Code For Free

While waiting for the game to launch, you can register for an account to play Honkai Star Rail Beta and receive super awesome gifts. If the number of pre-registrants reaches a certain milestone, you will have the opportunity to receive rare rewards and a free Honkai Star Rail GAME CODE. Hurry up and become one of the lucky players selected by NPH to wait for the game experience.

V. How can I get more Honkai Star Rail?

You will need a lot of star gems for Reroll to receive more characters. Here are the best methods.
– Mission: Completing the main quest is the way to earn more Star Gems.
– Chests: Opening chests in the game will give you some free Star Gems.
– Achievements: These are objectives you can complete in the game, which give you Star Gems.

Those are all Honkai Star Rail game codes we have at the moment, but keep an eye out as we update this guide regularly. In the meantime, be sure to buy some more Hoyoverse gifts with Code Genshin Impact or get ready for all the upcoming Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact events.

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