[Code] Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards Redeem Code


If you’re looking for codes for Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards, you’ve come to the perfect spot. This article offers a complete collection of codes that you can use for Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards. Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards is a popular entertainment app belonging to the Education genre. It was developed by Brainscape and was first released in Oct 12, 2016. Over time, it has received numerous updates and improvements, leading to its current version, 4.20230519.10, which is compatible with Android versions 9.

At present, the game is available for installation at a price of Free. It has garnered over 500,000+ downloads from Google Play. Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards has been rated 4.6/5 stars based on a significant number of ratings, which amounts to 6319 in total. Among the ratings, 285 have given it a full 5-star rating, while 122 have awarded it 4 stars. Furthermore, there is a breakdown of 4881 1-star ratings. Regarding content ratings on Google Play, Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards has received a classification of Everyone.

Explore the latest redeem codes and gift codes for Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards on Goforten.com. Our collection is regularly updated as of 06/12/2023, and we are confident that these codes will help enhance your gaming experience in Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards.

Take advantage of these codes right away! (Last updated on 06/12/2023)

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards Code – Latest Updated

  • N72S Get ready to shine with 100 diamonds!
  • MMEXZ Exchange this code for a grand total of 500 gold coins.
  • 102K Enter this code and claim a special reward of 50 diamonds.
  • 1VLCB Use this code to acquire a remarkable 150 diamonds and enhance your gaming arsenal.
  • 6YFBE Exchange this code for a staggering 500 gold coins.
  • 043U Unleash the power of this code and receive 50 diamonds instantly.
  • 2AWU Claim a generous bonus of 100 diamonds by entering this code.
  • DXDRC Exchange this coupon for an impressive 500 coins and witness your in-game fortune grow exponentially.
  • I3B0M Use this code and unlock a valuable reward of 50 diamonds.
  • H4HB Input this code and acquire 100 diamonds instantly.
  • VTVHO Exchange this code for a legendary gold item.
  • J0DUK Redeem this code to claim a rare and coveted in-game collectible.
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Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards Redeem code

  • F9YS
  • 5GNQ
  • W4KO
  • NTB5
  • E34I7
  • 9DVL
  • ASCJ1
  • DA9RS
  • S7OA

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards Freebies code

  • FB1G
  • 673RS
  • YC4FP
  • JPLA
  • 2CBLY
  • AL7D6
  • W7099
  • 47IH
  • 45XTF

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards Access code

  • JT8E
  • HED9
  • BI6E
  • 70ZIX
  • 536K
  • T6RKS
  • S822L
  • 6JVJ
  • 9PGNS

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards code might be expired

  • O545V
  • R6Y59
  • C87KS
  • 5Q580
  • LJHJ6
  • FX5RK
  • U8FD
  • EK2X
  • 0XXOW

How to Redeem Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards Code

To redeem the Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards code, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards.
  2. Locate the section or option in the game where you can enter the gift code.
  3. Enter the Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards gift code into the provided field.
  4. Confirm the code and wait for the game to process it. Once successful, you will receive the specified in-game rewards associated with the code.

Enjoy your rewards and have an amazing time playing Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards!

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards Introduction

[Code] Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards Redeem Code

Brainscape’s SMART FLASHCARDS foster hyper-efficient studying and strong habits to DOUBLE your learning speed, with the strongest implementation of spaced repetition and active recall of any flashcard app on the planet! (And probably in the universe, assuming some super intelligent alien species out there hasn’t beaten us to it.)

With a knowledge bank created by millions of global users and experts, you can FIND, MAKE, and SHARE flashcards anytime, anywhere, and on any device, while keeping all your content meticulously ORGANIZED and seamlessly IN SYNC across web, mobile, and all your devices.

How does it work? Brainscape’s intelligent study system has been designed in accordance with decades of proven cognitive science to help you learn faster and remember longer than with any other flashcard app. (And we don’t waste time on games. Our flashcards are for serious learners.)

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Brainscape distills any subject down into bite-sized facts (neatly organized into decks and classes), which are posed as question-and-answer pairs, compelling you to actively recall information from scratch. You then rate how well you know each concept on a scale of 1 to 5, and Brainscape determines the perfect time interval at which to repeat that flashcard again.
If you know the answer well, you’ll see that flashcard less often; if you don’t know it well, you’ll see it again and again, at frequent intervals, until it’s deeply ingrained into your brain. And it’s this totally unique combination of active recall, self-assessment (metacognition), and spaced repetition that is scientifically proven to significantly slash your required study time!
Where do all of Brainscape’s awesome flashcards come from? Three places:

THE WORLD’S TOP EXPERTS. Brainscape partners with top publishers, schools, and educators to create comprehensive collections of certified flashcards for a diverse array of subjects, from foreign languages (we are the best language-learning tool in the world) to high-stakes exams like the AP series, MBE (bar exam), Series 7, NCLEX, MCAT, and more.

YOUR PEERS. Top students, professors, teachers, tutorpreneurs, and businesses around the world have created over 1 million subjects that are available to search on Brainscape’s Knowledge Genome.

YOU! You can easily create and organize thousands of multimedia flashcards featuring text, images, and even audio files, both on Brainscape’s website AND within the app itself. You can also share your decks with your classmates and collaboratively develop content together.

How much does it cost? Creating and sharing great text flashcards is FREE. (Woohoo! And sorry, we do have to charge for image creation for security reasons.) And for unlimited access to ALL of Brainscape’s user-generated and premium, expert-curated content, as well as optional features, like bookmarks and card reversibility–or to me your content private, you can upgrade to Pro for $19.99 (monthly), $59.99 (every 6 months), or $95.99 (annually). Alternatively, you can unlock a LIFETIME of learning with Brainscape for a one-time cost of only $199.99 American dolla billz.

The fine print: The 3 recurring subscriptions (monthly, semiannual, and annual) will renew automatically within 24 hours before the end of the current period, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the period. You can cancel auto-renewal any time by going to Account Settings, and the cancellation will apply after the active subscription period is complete. Go ahead and learn more about our Terms and Privacy Policy at brainscape.com/terms.

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What’s on the horizon? It’s our vision to empower everyone, everywhere to rise to the challenge of personalized forever-learning. And for this reason, we love hearing from our user community: it’s through your feedback that we can continue to innovate our platform to be more convenient, efficient, and even fun and social to use!

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards Summary

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards header image

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards – Find, create, and study SMART FLASHCARDS on any device.

This game is in category: Education

Current version: 4.20230519.10

This game is released on Oct 12, 2016

Apps & Games content ratings on Google Play: Everyone

Recent change of the game:

As promised, we're rapidly releasing updates of the new app. This new version includes:

– Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements

Please continue to share your feedback with our Tech Support team. Thanks!

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards has the overal review is 4.6 stars with more than 6319 reviews.

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards has 500,000+ Downloads

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards is Free to install.

$19.99 – $199.99 per item

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards game policy: https://www.brainscape.com/terms

Curent version of Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards is 9 by developer Brainscape, ID-Brainscape

About the game developer

Email: support@brainscape.zendesk.com

Website: http://www.brainscape.com

Address: Brainscape
77 Sands St
6th Fl
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards Images

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Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards FAQs

1. What is Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards?

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards is a game developed by Brainscape in the Education category.

2. When was the latest update for Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards released?

The latest update for Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards was released on Oct 12, 2016.

3. How many downloads does Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards have?

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards has 500,000+ downloads.

4. What is the overall rating for Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards?

Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards has an overall rating of 4.6 stars based on 6319 reviews.

5. What is the current version of Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards for Android?

The current version of Brainscape: Smarter Flashcards for Android is 9.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 285

⭐⭐⭐⭐✩ 122

⭐⭐⭐✩✩ 163

⭐⭐✩✩✩ 857

⭐✩✩✩✩ 4881

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