Code Anime Hero Heroes of War

The long-awaited moment of heroes has finally arrived, many events to receive Code Anime Hero Heroes of War for the Open Beta version have appeared, this is the time for you to break through the early stages. game.

Generals Anime Hero Heroes Chaos is divided into 5 systems and each system has its own advantages and disadvantages to counter the enemy squad, the higher the star level generals, the more stats after leveling up, the chance to receive super 5-star generals. That strength is import Code Anime Hero Heroes of War get recruits and champion shards.

1. Introduction to Anime Hero Hero War Game

Anime Hero Hero War is a free multiverse general strategy card game on and and ios, the game brings together hundreds of characters from the famous Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece series. Here you have the task of arranging and building a strong battle squad, overcoming difficult copies and competing with other players on the leaderboard.

2. Outstanding features of the game Anime Hero Hero Chaos

– Multiverse general card strategy game
– Massive general store, freely choose and arrange the squad
– Hands-free fighting, hang up the machine to receive gifts
– Multiplayer gameplay, unlimited PK
– Awaken generals, transform into super beings.

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anime code hero hero hero loan

Synthesize the latest Code Anime Hero Heroic War Mobile

3. Why enter Code Anime Hero Hero of War?

Enter Code Anime Hero Chaos War to get Super Gems, Gold Champion Shards, Breakthrough Stones, Hero Exp, Gold … are all the most important resources to upgrade champions, help your generals as well as your squad. have incomparable strength.

4. Code Anime Hero Heroes of War

– ANIME888

5. How to enter Code Anime Hero Heroes of War

Step 1: Log in to the game, click Character Avatars top left corner of the screen.
Step 2: Continue to select item Giftcode.
Step 3: Insert code Code Anime Hero Heroes of Warclick Change.
Step 4: Enter Ingame Mailbox to receive gifts.

code anime hero hero hero loan war 2

6. How to get new Code Anime Hero Heroes of War

Get Free VIP 3 and hundreds of other Code Anime Hero Gifts by participating in the latest and special events at sites like:
– Home Anime Hero Hero of War
– Fanpage Anime Hero Chaos War
– Group Anime Hero Heroes of War
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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