Code King Piece (King Legacy) get Beli, gems and character stat settings for free

King Legacy is inspired by the famous manga series One Piece developed by New World Studio on the Roblox game platform. The publisher always gives gamers a lot of attractive gifts through game code. Taimienphi has fully synthesized the latest King Legacy code in the article below. Let’s refer.

Entering the Roblox King Piece Code is the fastest way for players to get Beli, gems, upgrade character power and win the title of pirate king. These items will be of great help to players in their journey to discover new lands.

enter code King Legacy

Summary of the latest Giftcode King Legacy Roblox

I. Code King Legacy, Latest King Piece List

1. Code King Legacy Roblox Get Coins And Stats Reset

CODE 1: 3xilescha1r (Get 15 gems)
CODE 2: 1MLikes (Get 10 gems)
CODE 3: 2BVisit (Get 30 minutes x2 EXP and 10 gems)
CODE 4: Update4.6YAY (Get 20 gems)
CODE 5: Thx4Waiting (Reset character stats)
CODE 6: lagshallnotpass (Get 15 gems)
CODE 7: THXFOR1BVISIT (Get 3 gems)
CODE 8: 1MFAV (Get 5 gems)
CODE 9: UPDATE4.5.3 (Get 25 gems)
CODE 10: UPDATE4.5.2 (Get 30 gems)
CODE 11: UPDATE4.5.0 (Get 5 gems)
CODE 12: UPDATE4.0.2 (Get 5 gems)
CODE 13: 950KLIKES (Reset character stat)
CODE 14: 900KLIKES (Set character stats)
CODE 15: 2023 (Get 5 gems)
CODE 16: delayedchristmas2022 (Get 5 gems)
CODE 17: HYDRAGLYPHICS (Get 50 gems)
CODE 18: UPDATE4 (Get 5 gems)
CODE 19: Peodiz (Get 100k cash)
CODE 20: DinoxLive (Get 100k cash)

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2. Another new King Legacy Code



– Update3_17


– Update3




– 900KFAV

– 800KFAV

– 700KFAV

– 600KFAV

– Update2_17

– BeckyStyle


– 500KFAV


– GasGas

– KingPieceComeBack


– NewDragon

– Brachio



– 300KFAV

– Update2_16

– UpdateGem

– 20MVisit

– 22kLikes

– 23kLikes

– 26kLikes

– 35MVisit







– 90KFavorites

– 100KFAV

– BeckComeBack

– BestEvil

– Makalov

– Merry Christmas


– OpOp

– Peerapat

– QuakeQuake

– Shadow

– Snow


– String

– TanTaiGaming

– Threeramate

II. Instructions to enter the latest Code King Legacy

Step 1: Login Roblox and open King Legacy game, click Menus.

enter code King Legacy update 4

Step 2: Select icon Setting.

enter code king legacy update 3

Step 3: Import King Legacy Roblox gift code in the box Enter Codethe system will automatically send the gift to you when the Giftcode is entered correctly.

code king legacy wiki

In addition to many other Roblox games, King Piece is among more than 10 games in the Top best Roblox games, most worth playing at the moment. Gamers can download Roblox on PC or Mobile and experience.

III. Giftcode King Legacy, Code King Piece Roblox What is ?

– Code King Legacy are gift codes provided by Venture Lagoons, gamers when using them will receive rewards such as currency and the right to change character stat. You can use Beli and Gems to buy more powerful new weapons and skills that will bring you closer to the title of pirate king.

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IV. Introducing King Legacy game

King Piece – King Legacy is a mini-game of Roblox developed based on the famous One Piece series in the World, where players transform into Pirate characters to follow the story mission, develop The power to confront other characters to become the most notorious Pirate King in history.
– Role-playing game based on the famous One Piece manga
– Freedom to develop your own character style
– You can buy and sell hundreds of items such as Murakumogiri, Kokuto Yoru Black Sword, Kanabo Mace
– Many fun boss hunting event activities

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