Code of Yin and Yang Latest Mobile Story

Let’s transform into Japanese gods, love to capture ghosts right away with the Yin and Yang Codes of Mobile Stories, a card game that brings players adventure to the most authentic Fantasy Fantasy world on Mobile.

As soon as there is information that Yin Yang Tales of Mobile has been released in Vietnam, many gamers eagerly await the release date and continuously hunt for Yin and Yang Mobile Codes, looking for free rewards for a smooth experience. that most.

1. Introduction to the game Yin Yang Story Mobile

Yin Yang Story Mobile – God of Love is the hottest Turn Based strategy game in 2022 with super light installation capacity, super beautiful Anime graphics that bring players into the world of fantasy adventure, great war The Three Realms in the story of Yin and Yang Mobile once again recurred.

2. Outstanding features of the game Yin Yang Story Mobile

– Japanese manga style strategy game
– Create beautiful shapes, breakthrough costumes.
– 200 Demon Spirits are divided by system.
– Tactical competition, Yeu Linh duel.
– Inter-server battle activities every time frame.

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Synthesize the latest Code of Yin and Yang Mobile Mobile Story

3. What are the benefits of entering the Yin Yang Mobile Game Code?

Enter the Code of Yin and Yang Mobile Story below, players immediately own the SSR Demon Spirit and the SSR Noble Phantasm with super-powerful abilities, fighting side by side to protect the peace of the Three Realms.

4. Code of Yin and Yang Story Mobile

– ADT999
– VIP888

5. How to enter the Code of Yin and Yang Mobile Story

Step 1: After completing the beginner’s guide, you choose Welfare.

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Step 3: In the table Welfareselect GiftCode.


Step 4: Next you enter Code Yin and Yang Mobile Storypress Receive.

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– Redemption reward Code Yin and Yang Mobile Story will appear shortly after, click any location on the screen to collect rewards.

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6. How to get more Code of Yin and Yang new Mobile Story

Fanpage and Group are the most convenient place for players to have more new Mobile Yin and Yang Code, each event provides a different GiftCode, the rewards players receive will also be different.
– Home Yin and Yang Mobile Stories
– Fanpage of Yin and Yang Mobile
– Group Yin and Yang Mobile
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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