Code Play Together VNG August 2022 to receive Diamonds and Stars

The latest Code Play Together VNG August 2022 to receive Diamonds, Money Stars, Play Pass points and other items will be fully synthesized by Taimienphi right in this article, along with how to enter the latest Code Play Together VNG in August 2022.

One of the methods to get free Play Together VNG Diamonds is to use giftcode, with a list Code Play Together VNG This latest August 2022 you’ll be able to buy a home, decorate it, or get more exclusive themed pets.

Reference: How to get Play Together VNG Diamonds for free

1. Introducing the game Play Together VNG

Play Together VNG is a real-life simulation role-playing game version released by VNG itself in the Vietnamese market, where you are free to explore the world through a unique 3D graphics system, travel through many famous landmarks, and do whatever you like while playing Play Together VNG.

2. Outstanding features of the game Play Together VNG

– Real life simulation game on Mobile.
– Freedom to do what you like.
– Explore and travel many famous places.
– Community activities take place continuously every day
– Exchange, meet and make friends with many people.

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code play together until the end of August 2022

Summary of the latest Code Play Together VNG

3. Why enter Play Together VNG Game Code?

No need to load a card, there are still Diamonds to play when entering Code Play Together VNG, if you are lucky you have more exclusive costumes and festivals according to the theme.
– Get Free Diamonds
– Get themed Costumes, Accessories and Decorations
– Get Pets, Vehicles, Exp, Gold Stars

4. Latest Code Play Together VNG List


Taimienphi is updating new codes every day

5. How to enter Code Play Together VNG

Step 1: Open a new browser, visit the link HERE
Step 2: Log in to your account Play Together VNG.
Step 3: Import Code Play Together VNG and Verification.
Step 4: Click Receiving gifts.
Step 5: Enter the game to receive rewards through the system Letters.

Ma code play together in the morning 8/2022

6. How to get new Play Together VNG Codes

Currently on the Fanpage is a fashion Show event to receive the new Code Play Together VNG, readers can participate in many other events here.
– Home Play Together VNG
– Fanpage Facebook Play Together VNG
– Group Play Together VNG
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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