Code Super Fantasy War Fantasy Holy War

Tactical blockbuster Super Fantasy War has arrived in Vietnam market, gamers can experience the Vietnamese version with the entire Code Super Fantasy War, explore a large map of 12 islands. and hundreds of gates.

To prepare for the upcoming journey, please take a moment to enter Code Super Fantasy War (GiftCode Fantasy Jihad) receive Crystals and Awakening Cards, great gifts from NPH get free heroes without spending any money.

1. Introducing the game Super Fantasy War Fantasy Holy War

Super Fantasy War is a Japanese-style JRPG strategy game, with more than 150 heroes with many different moves for players to build their tactical squad. Super Fantasy War, which once stormed in many markets, has now been officially released by SohaGames in Vietnam.

2. Features of Super Fantasy War Game Super Fantasy War

– Super product Fantasy strategy game with more than 150 heroes
– Diverse class system, professions and counter skills
– Eye-catching graphics, fashion and special effects
– Large map with 12 islands, more than 180 challenging levels
– Flamboyant PvP and PvE system

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code super fantasy war looks forward to clearing

Synthesize the latest Super Fantasy War Code Code for Mobile Holy War

3. Why enter the Super Fantasy War Game Code?

Crystals, Awakening Cards, Set Pick Cards, Universal Genes, Sweeping Tickets… or exclusive Lord Skins are all that you can get through entering the Holy War Fantasy Code, ready to participate Enter the war to save the world with full gear.

4. Latest Super Fantasy War Full Code Super Fantasy War

– WAR999

5. How to enter Code Super Fantasy War

Step 1: Enter the game Super Fantasy War Fantasy Holy Warselect Setting.
Step 2: At the next interface, select Other => Enter Offer.
Step 3: Import Code Super Fantasy War Fantasy Holy Warpress Change.
Step 4: Enter Letters => Work receive rewards for exchanging Code Dream Fantasy Holy War.

6. How to get more Holy War Fantasy Code

On the occasion of the launch, SohaGames specially organized a lot of side events to help gamers get more Code Super Fantasy War, change equipment, valuable items, events Vote App 5 Stars, Share Trailer, Comment, Dot Hoping.
– Home Super Fantasy War Fantasy Jihad
– Super Fantasy War Fanpage
– Group Super Fantasy War
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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