Code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNGGames Latest

This morning VNGGames officially opened 6 Ys 6 Mobile servers for Vietnamese gamers, right now you can log in to the game and use the latest and super cool Code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNGGames to make your adventure to explore the wonderland more convenient.

As always, before the release of new games, VNGGames organizes events at the homepage, Fanpage and Group for fans. Everyone who participates can receive Code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNGGamesusing them players can increase strength and extremely eye-catching appearance.

1. Introducing the game Ys 6 Mobile VNG

Ys 6 Mobile The Ark of Napishtim – Also known as Ys 6 Mobile VNG is a Fantasy-style action role-playing game, the game provides 4 starting character classes for the user to choose, you have to perform tasks as well as fight monsters to earn equipment, resources to upgrade yourself with the purpose of helping Sorceress Olha.

2. Outstanding features of the game Ys 6 Mobile VNG

– Fantasy style JRPG game on Android and iOS.
– Beautiful graphic design, 3D standard and realistic sound effects.
– The game emphasizes teamwork, cooperation to overcome the Hard copy.
– Features of strengthening, crafting, forging unique equipment.
– Intensive Pet support system, can be recruited and fostered.
– Branching mechanism of skills, bold job transfer.

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code ys 6 mobile the ark of napishtim

Summary of the latest Code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNG

3. Why enter the Ys 6 Mobile VNG Game Code?

The importance of Code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNG cannot be denied, with them you do not need to top up your card and still have valuable essential resources.
– Get Gems
– Get Gaia Stone
– Get Star Dust
– Get Silver, the popular currency in the Ys 6 Mobile world

4. Latest Full Code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNG


Currently Taimienphi is searching and updating more Code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNG The Ark of Napishtim general for new readers, please visit the article every day for many new codes.

5. How to enter Code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNGGames

Step 1: Visit GiftCode redemption page HERE
Step 2: Log in Ys 6 Mobile VNGGames game account your.

enter code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNGGames

Step 3: Next you enter Code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNGGamesselect Server and Figure => enter Verification codes => press Get Rewards.

code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNGGames

Step 4: Appear Notification Change Code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNGGames successfully, you press OK and go back to the game to check the items received in the character’s inventory.

full enter code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNG

6. How to get new Code Ys ​​6 Mobile VNG

Ys 6 Mobile The Ark of Napishtim is really the most anticipated game in these summer days of 2022, events to receive Code game Ys 6 Mobile The Ark of Napishtim are what gamers are interested in right now, join to receive attractive gifts.
– Homepage Code Ys ​​6 Mobile
– Facebook Code Ys ​​6 Mobile
– Group Code Ys ​​6 Mobile
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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