Collection of Code Blox Fruit (Blox Piece) to receive Devil Fruit, x2 EXP and Reset stats

Blox Fruit by Roblox is a must-play for action-adventure lovers. With a diverse skill system, a large world and many Code Blox Fruits, this game gives you hours of fun and challenging entertainment.

Our latest Blox Fruit code list can help you exchange for experience items, gold and other cool gifts. From there you have the ability to fight against difficult enemies or beat bosses across the ocean to find treasure.

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code blox Fruits roblox

Summary of the latest Code Blox Fruit Update 18 2023

I. Latest Code Blox Fruit List 2023

1. Latest Code Blox Fruit Update 18

Status Code Blox Fruit May 2023 Reward
New CODE_SERVICIO x2 EXP 20 minutes
New 15B_BESTBROTHERS x2 EXP 60 minutes
New Sub2CaptainMaui x2 EXP 20 minutes
Still validated DEVSCOOKING x2 EXP 20 minutes
Still validated TY_FOR_WATCHING x2 EXP 20 minutes
Still validated NOOB_REFUND Reset stats (new)
Still validated SUBGAMERROBOT_RESET Reset stats (new)
Still validated BigNews Reset stats (new)
Still validated fudd10_v2 2$
Still validated Sub2UncleKizaru Reset Stats
Still validated SUB2GAMERROBOT_RESET1 20 minutes x2 experience
Still validated RESET_5BACK 20 minutes x2 experience
Still validated Starcodeheo x2 EXP 20 minutes
Still validated 1MLIKES_RESET Reset Stats

2. Latest Code Blox Fruit Update 17

Status Latest Blox Fruit Code Reward
Still validated GAMER_ROBOT_1 CODE 1h30min 2x Exp
Still validated GAMEROBOT_YT x2 EXP 20 minutes
Still validated ADMINGIVEAWAY x2 EXP 20 minutes
Still validated Sub2NoobMaster123 x2 EXP 15 minutes
Still validated SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP1 30 minutes 2x Exp
Still validated Magicbus x2 EXP 20 minutes
Still validated Enyu_is_Pro x2 EXP
Still validated Sub2Fer999 x2 EXP
Still validated kittgaming x2 EXP
Still validated EXP_5B Reset stats (new)
Still validated Sub2Daigrock Reset Stats
Still validated JCWK Reset stats (new)
Still validated Bluxxy Reset Stats
Still validated THEGREATACE 20 minutes x2 experience
Still validated STRAWHATMAINE 20 minutes x2 experience
Still validated 3BVISITS 20 minutes x2 experience
Still validated UPD16 Reset Stats
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3. Latest Code Blox Fruit Update 16 Reset

– 2BILLION: x2 EXP 20 minutes

– THIRDSEA: Reset Stats

– UPD15: 20 minutes 2x experience points





4. Blox Fruit Codes Update 15 Latest

– StrawHatMaine

– UPD14

– Sub2UncleKizaru

– Axiore

– StrawHatMaine

– Sub2OfficialNoobie

– Fudd10

– Bignews

– TheGreatAce

There are also a lot of free Roblox Codes for other games, readers can refer here.

II. Instructions to enter the latest Code Blox Fruit 2023

Step 1: At the Blox Fruits Roblox game screen, click the . icon Twitter right.

ghost code blox game Fruits roblox every day

Step 2: Next you enter Code Blox Fruits Roblox => press Try.

How to use giftcode blox Fruits roblox

III. What is Code Blox Fruit Update 18 Part 3 Wiki ?

Gift code Blox Fruit Update 18 Wiki is the latest free gift code compiled from the Wiki page (the official Blox Fruit game page of NPH) that provides items such as EXP tank, reset stats or in-game titles . Developers often release these codes when the game is updated, to celebrate holidays or to mark a new milestone. Remember to keep checking my Roblox Blox Fruits Code list if you don’t want to miss any bonus.

IV. Where to get the latest Code Blox Fruit 2023?

The best place to find Blox Fruits Update 18, Code Blox Fruits Update 17, Gift Code Blox Fruits Update 16 game codes is to visit the official Blox Fruits Roblox Twitter. You can also join Discord to learn about every happening in the game. But if you don’t want to waste time searching, bookmark our article and check often, as we will update CODE GAME every time there is a new code.
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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V. Some questions about Code Blox Fruit 2023

– How many times can Code Blox Fruit be used? => Each Blox Fruit game code can only be used once for an account, cannot be reused. If you use the previous code successfully, try another gift code to receive the gift.

– How long does Code Blox Fruit last? => Code Blox Fruit Roblox can last for several months, may expire when updating the version or limit its use time, depending on the developer.

– Why did the code Blox Fruit change fail? => This case occurs when you enter wrong uppercase or lowercase characters, digits on the code. Please pay attention and enter correctly to receive limited gifts from NPH.

– How to get new Blox Fruit Code? => To get the latest Code Blox Fruit, you can follow the Roblox game team on Twitter and Discord. This helps you to exchange, meet and share more playing experiences as well as the latest Code Blox Fruit. Besides, do not forget to bookmark this article of to always have the latest Code Blox Fruit currently.

– What is the latest Blox Fruit Code? => NOOB_REFUND (1 free stat reset)

– What is the fastest way to enter Blox Fruit code? => Go to Blox Fruit game. Click on the blue Twitter logo in the left corner and enter the code Blox Fruit, click Try to complete.

BECAUSE. Introducing Blox Fruits Roblox game

Blox Fruits – Also known as Blox Piece is a role-playing game from Roblox, the game has more than 300K players accessing continuously every day allowing you to adventure and explore the vivid, moving world of One Piece. Explore the islands in search of treasures, defeat awesome bosses for loot, and participate in fun PvP & PvE activities.
– Action role-playing game that simulates the One Piece world
– Free character development, explore the islands
– Search for treasure, hunt boss for items
– Meet and interact with many game bodies in the world
– Completely free, no Shop Items
– Many Free Roblox Blox Fruit Codes

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VII. Blox Fruit tips for newbies

– For new players, the first thing after logging in is to use the latest Code Blox Fruit above to receive x2 Exp (exp). Fast leveling up will help you get extra points (Stat points) on essentials, wear higher level clothes, add new skills… and much more.

– To become the pirate king, you have to complete various types of missions. Therefore, Taimienphi recommends that you do not take on any quests higher than your current level. It’s worth mentioning that you can’t take on multiple quests at once. You must complete the first quest before you can do the second. Otherwise, your first quest will be cancelled.

– Blox Fruits is a place for pirates, and like any pirate, you need to get from island to island. There are many islands along the map that you will visit as you play. Each island has locations with level requirements. Therefore, if you find yourself in a place called the Colosseum (about 226-300 levels) for example, you won’t be able to successfully complete quests if your level is lower.

– Stats are an important part of your character’s progression, as they can affect how quickly you can take down enemies and how well you can hit them.

– A lot of beginners choose random stat points, but remember you have a limited amount of points and you should reset as needed (i.e. use the latest Code Blox Fruit above) and boost into Melee and Defense.

– When you start playing Blox Fruit, you think you have a lot of money but that’s not the case. As time goes by, you will definitely spend a lot to be able to buy Light, Magma, Ice, Dark, …. The best choice will be Human Buddha to help your training and leveling up. should be faster and easier.

VIII. How to play Blox Fruit on PC

Of course you can Download Roblox on PCplay and use Code Blox Fruit with these steps:
– Step 1: Download and install BlueStacks on PC
– Step 2: Open BlueStacks, go to CHPlay.
– Step 3: Search and install Roblox game on BlueStacks Android emulator.
– Step 4: Open Roblox and log in to your account, select Blox Fruit game => enter Code Blox Fruit => play the game.

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