Full 6 Latest Flower and Sword Codes to receive the Wind Wings of Void, Ngoc Linh, and KNB for free

The Flower and Sword game brings you a mythical world with beautiful landscapes and large contexts. Let’s start your adventure and enter the Gypsy, stop the demons with the latest Code of Flowers and Swords to quell the chaos, re-establish a new world.<

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Flowers and Swords, where you can become anyone, defeat monsters and collect precious items. Import Code Flower and Sword If you want to set foot on a safe adventure, enjoy the freedom and uncover the mystery.

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Latest Flower and Sword Code List

I. Synthesize the latest Flower and Sword Code

CODE 6: VIP999

II. Instructions for entering the Flower Code and Earning details

Step 1: Access the link to change the Flower and Sword Code HERE
Step 2: Log in to your account, select figure need to change Flower and Sword Code.

tong hop flower giftcode and gift code every day

Step 3: Choose card Giftcodeimport Code Flower and Sword => press Use.

code list of flower and kiem games

– The message shown below means that you have changed the Flower Code and Sword to plus, now go back to the game.

enter the code of the flower game and sohagame

– Go to section Associate bottom of the game screen.

enter flower code and sohagame

– Select Letters and receive rewards for exchanging Flower and Sword Code.

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code for flowers and check out sohagame every day

III. A few questions about Code Flowers and Swords

1. Why enter the Flower and Sword Code?
– No need to load Flower and Sword game, no need to work hard on missions or plow hoes, you can still own many rare equipment such as Wings of Void Wind, Tien Vu, Kim Nguyen Bao, Ngoc Linh and many more other free stuff

2. Where to get Flower Code and Earn?
– You can get Flower and Sword Game Code at the game’s official website, participate in events at Fanpage and Group, or get free Flower and Earn Code at this very article of Taimienphi, which we regularly aggregate Latest exclusive codes here.

3. Is there any requirement to change Flower and Sword Code?
– There are no requirements for exchanging Flower and Sword Code, you just need to have a character in the game and follow our instructions above, then log in to the game to receive free rewards.

Flowers and Swords brings you a wonderfully beautiful world where petals bloom and swords fly. From immersive sound to stunning graphics, every detail in the game makes for a great experience.

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