Full Code Captor Clash get free sky crystals

Sky crystals in Captor Clash are a quality currency for gamers, they are used to upgrade weapons and characters, speeding up the game. The fastest way to get sky crystals is to use Code Captor Clash or load game cards.

After many tests, Captor Clash has officially been available on both Android and iOS platforms, receiving many positive reviews from the gaming community. In response to the enthusiastic support, NPH has released a lot Code Captor Clash new as a thank you for gamers.

code captor clash

Latest Code Captor Clash and how to enter Giftcode

I. Summary of the latest Code Captor Clash

CODE 1: mkesmx7u4r
CODE 2: q9c482jysx
CODE 3: vnzyqzxwp4
CODE 4: wzm3a46qfw
CODE 4: gsaeajbjcx
CODE 5: p5w5pkct35

II. How to enter Code Captor Clash

Step 1: Open the game Captain Clashpress Character Avatars.

full captor clash code and how to enter

Step 2: Click Gift Codes.

code captor clash every day 2023

Step 3: Import Code Captor Clash =>Confirm. Rewards will be sent to your inbox immediately.

Giftcode captor clash new year 2023 and how to enter

III. How to get new Code Captor Clash

Safe and simple method to receive Game Codes The new Captor Clash is to participate in events held at the official Fanpage. Here, you just need to comply with the requirements of the NPH to be able to receive more free sky crystals.

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– Fanpage Captor Clash fb.com/CaptorClashOfficial

IV. What is Code Captor Clash code used for?

Code Captor Clash are gift codes that are shared with players on the occasion of a special event. Usually, they offer free sky crystals that ensure gamers do not need to deposit and still have gifts.

V. Some notes when entering Code Captor Clash

– When entering Giftcode Captor Clash, please pay attention to special characters, ordinal numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters
– A Code Captor Clash can only be used once per account.
– The expiry date of the Code Captor Clash code is different, if it expires, you will not be able to redeem it,

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