Full Code Lost in the Fairy to receive diamonds and excellent companions

The complete version of Lost In Fairy or Madtale Idle RPG has been officially released on Android and iOS platforms. On the occasion of this special event, NPH HONG HA LTD has brought us many Codes of Lost in Fairy Tales, providing attractive gifts such as S-class companions, diamonds, elite equipment and Arena tickets.

Code Lost in the Fairy not only bring companions and elite equipment, they also provide a lot of gold, diamonds and Arena tickets indispensable for gamers. Also join events on Fanpage for a chance to get $20 in free cash for 10 random players.

The code is available for use

Full Code Lost in the latest Fairy and how to enter Giftcode

I. Latest Fairy Tale Code List

1. Synthesis of Code Lost in Fairy is active

CODE 2: VIP666
CODE 3: VIP777

2. Code Lost In Old Fairy

– TaleFB500
– madtaleFB
– madtaleDC
– taleDiscord

II. How to enter Code Lost in Fairy

Step 1: Open the game Lost in a Fairypress Character Avatars => choose Settings.

The full code is available for use every day

Step 2: Press item Giftcode.

In the code board, you can access and log in

Step 3: Import Code Lost in Fairy => click Confirmto receive rewards.

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The giftcode will be available for the first time in 2023

III. How to get new Fairy Lost Code

By following the Fanpage and participating in the pre-registration event, you are sure to receive the rare Mirror Queen companion, 1000+ recruits and a $199 Fairy Tale Code reward. Not only that, 10 lucky gamers will have the opportunity to win $ 20 as soon as they join the mini-game on Facebook.

– Fanpage Lost in Fairy fb.com/madtaleglobal
– Receive Game Codes Other attractions here.

IV. The reward after entering the Code Lost in the Fairy

Not only bringing great advantages, Code Lost in Fairy also provides a lot of rare items such as gold, diamonds, elite equipment, S hero and a lot of gems completely free without spending any money. recharge the card, save a good amount of money.

V. Outstanding features of the game Lost in a Fairy

– Extremely funny 2D graphics.
– Create fairy-tale characters in a unique direction.
– Idle and simple idle gameplay.
– The AFK feature supports resource gathering, without worrying about leveling down.

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