Full Code Ninja Dai Chien get premium recruiting scrolls and star stones

Confident that the game will stir Southeast Asia, Ninja Dai Chien will be available to experience this summer. A lot of Code Ninja Dai Chien and iPhone 14 Pro Max won the genuine Top, the shinobi are ready for the journey to protect Konoha and become the legendary Kage.

Immediately after logging in, Vip 5, SS ninja recruitment card, star stone and favorites are often the items you will receive on occasion. Ninja Great War debut. During that time, the developer also constantly released the latest Code Ninja Dai Chien for players to receive gifts for tired hands, without worrying about spending money to load the game. At the same time, when registering and racing to the top, gamers also have the opportunity to own a huge iPhone 14 Pro Max phone.

code ninja dai chien

Summary of the latest Great War Ninja Code and how to enter Giftcode

1. Latest Code of Ninja Great War 2023

The tactical battle game Ninja Dai Chien will be released soon in the summer of 2023. Therefore, Code Ninja Dai Chien has not been released yet and is being kept secret by NPH so as not to lose the element of surprise. In order not to miss the latest gift code, please save this article and check it often.

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2. How to enter Code Ninja Great War

The only way to enter Code Ninja Great War is to download and install the game on Android, iPhone or PC. However, the game is still in development and bug fixing. Therefore, you still cannot use the Code input feature.

3. How to get the new Ninja Great War Code

The best way to get Game Codes The new Ninja Dai Chien is to follow and participate in events being held at the official Fanpage. At the same time, waiting for new news, working hard at the Official Ninja Village Group will have the opportunity to receive a special Giftcode Ninja Dai Chien with limited quantities.

– Homepage Ninja Dai Chien ninjadaichien.vn
– Ninja Dai Chien Fanpage fb.com/ninjadaichien
– Group Ninja Dai Chien fb.com/groups/211122861387075

4. Introduction to the game Ninja Great War

Ninja War is a tactical general fighting game, taking the theme of Naruto. Gamers will enter the beautiful and mysterious ninja world, where they will face intense confrontations and tough battles, bringing an immersive and vivid experience like being in the series. Famous Naruto.

– Beautiful graphics and realistic effects, enhance the thrill and drama during gameplay.
– Difficulty increases with each level.
– Diverse environments from jungle to rocky mountains, or devastated villages for gamers to explore.
– Weapon and character upgrade system ready to face more difficult challenges.
– In addition to the main storyline, players can also experience different game modes, challenging their skills.

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