Full Code War God AFK receives a champion card, summons SSR generals

The mobile role-playing game Chien Than AFK has officially been released in the Vietnamese market, gamers should quickly receive Code Chien Than AFK to own 100 exclusive characters with excellent SSR lineup, thereby forming a squad. 5v5 overcome a series of challenges spread across the Sanctuary of Panilla.

AFK War Gods gamers are always looking forward to new Giftcodes being released, because entering the AFK War God Code is the best way to help you own SSR heroes and equipment for free without having to recharge in the same way. normally.

code than afk

Latest AFK War God Code and how to enter Giftcode

I. Full Code War God AFK get free SSR heroes and Diamonds


II. How to enter Code of War God AFK

Step 1: Access the link to change the Code of War God AFK HERE.

– Option Login method.

afk full code and how to enter code

Step 2: Select Figure =>Confirm.

in the code, it's time for the new year 2023

– Press Redeem gift code.

list of giftcodes than afk

Step 3: Import Code of War God AFK => press Confirm.

How to register and enter the code, than afk

– Notification Successfully received gifts will be displayed as shown below. Rewards are instantly delivered to your Inbox.

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thank you for giving me giftcode every day

III. What are the benefits of entering the AFK War God Code?

Diamonds, SSR heroes, rare champion pieces, … are items that most AFK War God gamers want to own a lot without spending money on game recharge. So, when you own the Code of War God AFK, please hurry and use them before the expiry date.

IV. Tips to get new AFK War God Code

Currently, on Fanpage and Group Chien Than AFK are organizing a lot of activities to receive Game Codes New AFK War God, each Code provides not only rare SSR heroes but also lots of free recruits and diamonds for newbies to enjoy.

– Fanpage of Chien Than AFK fb.com/chienthanafk.vng
– Community of War God AFK gamers fb.com/groups/chienthanafk.vn

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