Full set of Anime Racing Clicker codes to get Shuriken speed up and champion experience for free

You are passionate about speed but also a fan of comics, Anime Racing Clicker on the Roblox platform will help you satisfy both of those passions. With the latest Anime Racing Clicker code, gamers can speed up their characters and let other players “breathe smoke” in the blink of an eye.

In the game Anime Racing Clicker Roblox, players will be transformed into characters like Goku, Naruto, Luffy, … to join the race and win the title of the fastest Anime hero.

anime code racing clicker roblox to download and enter

Code Anime Racing Clicker Roblox Latest

1. What is the Code Anime Racing Clicker Roblox?

Anime Racing Clicker is a mouse click racing game with more than 8 tracks for players to choose from. The faster and more you click, the faster your Anime character will run.

After each race, players can unlock new characters, especially if the player completes the lap in less than 2 minutes, they will be rewarded with Shurikens that help increase speed.

Some outstanding features of Anime Racing Clicker Roblox must include:

– Own many famous Anime characters.
– Beautiful, eye-catching 3D graphics.
– Simple gameplay, attractive, easy to cause “addiction”.
– Rich item system.

Anime Racing Clicker Roblox offers many exciting experiences for players who love competitive racing. Code Roblox Anime Racing Clicker will help players can get favorite heroes or free Shuriken to speed up in this race.

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2. Code Game Anime Racing Clicker Roblox

UnagiyaShop – Get 1 Luck Point, 1 Shuriken Speed ​​Up, 1 Experience Gain (new).
TailsBeast – Get two (new) speed-up Shuriken.
HeroLevelHype – Double Hero’s XP.
VoidOP – Get 1 Shuriken point.
AmazingCommunity – Get 2 Lucky Points.
VisitGoal30M – Get 1 Lucky Point.
LikeGoal30k – Get 1 Lucky Point.
TrickOrTreat – Get 5 Free Candies.
VisitGoal10M – Get 1 speed boost.
LikeGoal10k – Get 1 Lucky Point.
LikeGoal5k – Get 1 Lucky Point.
SpinWheel – Get 2 spins of Wheel of Fortune.
Release – Get a free Ninja.
LikeGoal500 – Get an accelerated Shuriken.

3. How to enter code Game Anime Racing Clicker Roblox

To enter Giftcode Game Anime Racing Clicker Roblox, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the game Anime Racing Clicker Roblox.
Step 2: Click the icon Twitter blue bird on the right side of the screen.
Step 3: Enter the code in the Code.

in the code of anime racing clicker roblox every day

Step 4: Click the button Redeem to get your reward.

Above Taimienphi.vn has just updated for you game code Latest Anime Racing Clicker Roblox as well as instructions on how to enter the code. In addition, if you are a follower of All Star Tower Defense Roblox, readers can refer to some other articles on the page to update the latest game code and redeem rewards.

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