Full set of the latest Crazy Boom Code and how to enter and receive free KC

Crazy Boom allows you to unleash your fighting skills and compete with millions of other gamers around the World. To win or have an advantage over your opponent, you need to enter Code Crazy Boom, receive items to help Bomberman become stronger.

After opening Alpha Test on Android and PC, gamers quickly Download and play Crazy Boom experience extremely attractive PvP, PvE mode with more than 30 characters for you to choose from. At the same time, NPH also launched Giftcode Crazy Boom worth $ 200 to support players on the way to discover new lands.

code crazy boom

New, most complete list of Giftcode Crazy Boom

1. Full Code Crazy Boom Get Rare Gems

CODE 6: taurus

We are updating and adding the latest GiftCode Crazy Boom to our readers, please visit this article often to own special rewards.

2. The Fastest Way to Enter Code Crazy Boom

Step 1: Log in to the game Crazy Boomclick World Chat icon.

enter code crazy boom

Step 2: Import Code Crazy Boom according to the syntax: “giftcode + code” (Example: giftcode ATFREE200USD) => press Chat.

crazy boom code

– The system will display a message as shown below if you have successfully exchanged Giftcode Crazy Boom.

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giftcode crazy boom

Step 3: Return to the main interface, press Mail icon.

crazy boom game code

– Select System mail.

crazy boom code input

– Click Receive Gift Code Crazy Boom.

crazy boom game giftcode

3. How to Get New Crazy Boom Code

In case you use up the common Crazy Boom GAME CODE, gamers can Login daily and receive other special Crazy Boom Giftcode at Fanpage. At the same time, when participating in Alpha Test Crazy Boom, you will have the opportunity to receive a great value gift code up to 1000 USD.
– Crazy Boom crazyboom3d.com homepage
– Crazy Boom Fanpage fb.com/crazyboom3d
– Group Crazy Boom fb.com/groups/crazyboomcommunity

4. Notes When Entering Code Crazy Boom

– Crazy Boom Code can only be used once per account.
– If the Giftcode expires, you will not be able to redeem or use it
– After successfully entering the Crazy Boom gift code, the reward will be sent via Mail and you need to receive it before the expiration date.
– Enter Code Crazy Boom so that the syntax is correct, you will get an invalid gift code error if you do not enter it correctly.

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