Golf Bags For All Occasions

Choosing a golf bags is a personal decision based on its appearance and details and what you, the player, want to have in the bag. Nowadays, clubs not only have a golf bag to carry, but many other things such as raincoats, gloves, balls, drinks and even food. There is a golf bag for everyone, but first you have to decide what you want from you, and then you can decide what is best.

Here is a list of the types of bags available and how often they are used.

Portable briefcase

If you want to carry your sticks, you need a light bag with a wide strap. Look at it in the shop where the golf clubs are, whether it is well centrally located and whether it is comfortable for you. The material should be light, such as canvas or nylon, and the bag should be large enough to accommodate the need for toys, sticks, balls, T-shirts, and possibly a towel. He must also have a stand built on his own so that the bag does not have to be laid. Before buying, check the condition and make sure it is solid.

Basket bag

These golf bags are larger than carrying bags and hold a lot of equipment. As a result, they are also heavier and not cumbersome. This bag is suitable for a golf cart or golf cart in hand. They also have several pockets for extra storage space.

Tourist bag

The travel bag is the type used by professionals and is the largest and heaviest of all. You can see this bag on the back of the caddies. It is high quality, most expensive and can accommodate almost any kitchen sink! Best waterproof golf bags

Junior Golf Bag

These are golf bags made for young players. They are very light, have a shorter shoulder strap and smaller sticks. They are also not expensive, which is great if you are not sure whether your child will be a golf lover or not.


You can now buy travel golf bags with soft or hard sides. Maybe if you’re flying, a suitcase with rigid edges would be the best choice. To avoid scratching it through the airport car park, get one with built-in wheels. Also find one that has a locking mechanism, not just a zipper. This will ensure that none of your sticks are stolen or accidentally dropped.

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