How to Connect the Cable Modem to The DLink Wireless Router?

The DLink Wireless Router enables the N300 wireless technology which is reliable and stable for daily video streaming and web surfing. It enhances the speed fourteen times the speed of the router that can run within a few minutes after the successful setup. With the help of the QRS mobile app, you can set up the router easily and efficiently. You can also enable the remote monitoring network with the QRS mobile app and check the browsing history as well. With remote networking, you can simply connect or disconnect the router with the computer. The DLink router is universally compatible with other repeaters and access points.

The DLink Wireless Router provides reliable performance with a wired connection. It has four ethernet ports that help to deliver high speed to the router. You can get the complete security package with the Dlink router as it includes the firewall and WPA2 security protocols that help to protect you from internet attacks and robbers.

Installation of the DLink Wireless Router 

The DLink Wireless Router gives you peace of mind when you are far away from your network. It can effectively eliminate all the blind spots from your house. It reduces the chance of signal dropping again and again and provides you a smoother and effective internet connection. With this router, you can easily manage your home network with the help of the app. But you need to install it first so that you don’t get any trouble while you are setting up your router. You can type the IP address for login into the web interface.

Basic Information before installation

This is the basic information about the Dlink router before you begin the installment procedure. Ensure that you should not place the router in the cabinet, garage, or closet that can cut the range of the signal. Before you set up the router, configure it with your computer with the help of a cable modem. Instead of using a cable modem, you can also use an Ethernet cable to connect to the ethernet port of the router.

In case you are using a USB connection then you have to turn off the modem connection. You can use only one type of connection at a particular time. If you have a DSL cable then disable the PPPoE from your PC. When you are using the cable connection then you don’t need a wireless internet connection for your router. 

Always ensure that your device should be away from large metal surfaces, electrical appliances, or metal doors. It can block the wifi range network from passing away to the reach of the device.

Connect the router with a DSL or cable modem

To connect the router with the help of the DSL or cable modem then place the router at the ideal location. Then turn off the power of the modem by unplugging it with the power adapter. Also, unplug the Ethernet cable from your PC and wait for some time. Now plug the ethernet cable with the four LAN ports and put the other end onto the PC. After that, turn on the power button of the modem as well. Further, plug the power adapter into the power source and wait for 20 minutes and then turn on the PC and check the LED indicator of the router and then start the setup process of the router.

Setup of Dlink wireless router with CD

For the setup of the router with the use of a CD. Open the settings of the computer and tap the start button and click on the run option. In the run, the box types the CD wizard name and then clicks on the start button. Insert the CD into the computer and then follow on-screen instructions for the configuration of the router.

Web Interface Configuration

To set up the router, launch a web browser on your computer and type covr.local into the address bar. After that a login page appears on your web screen, now enter as an admin with your wifi password and then follow on-screen instructions for the setup or customize the settings in the wireless router.

Admin Log into the DLink Wireless Router 

This is the easiest way to set up the router. For the setup of the router. Ensure that your router is connected to the adequate internet connection and your computer as well. After that connect your computer with the available SSID network name and then open a web browser and then type the IP address into the search bar. Then this will redirect you to the login page and then follow on-screen guidelines for the proper setup.