How To Cure Can ED Be Fixed?


One of the most common causes of inability to acquire and maintain a long-lasting erection is the condition known as “erectile dysfunction” (ED). Experts believe that ED is a frequent condition, despite differing incidence estimates.

The fact that it happens from time to time does not warrant concern. However, stress, worry, and problems in relationships might result when this happens often. There are various options ED Vidalista 20  , but the best one depends on the underlying reason.

Getting an erection is a complex procedure that requires the cooperation of several organs and systems inside the body. Examining the reasons and treatment options for erectile dysfunction is an excellent place to start.

What are the causes of ED that are treatable?

There are first and foremost “reversible” causes of ED. Cigarettes, narcotics, and alcohol are all things that may be cut out of your life if you’re suffering from ED because of their adverse effects. In addition, anxiety, stress, or a strained romantic relationship may contribute to ED. However, if you can decrease your weight, relieve stress, or find strategies to work through your relationship troubles, your ED will likely disappear even if these factors are more challenging to address.

ED may also be caused by other factors, which we’ll refer to as “treatable”. For example, a hormonal imbalance, depression, anxiety, and excessive cholesterol are all illnesses that cannot be cured, but when they are addressed, the ED they cause frequently improves. For the treatment use Cenforce 100, as the best medicine on our online store. 

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What are the reasons for ED that can’t be cured?

An ED medicine may treat conditions like Sildenafil  Fildena 100, these that can’t be cured any other way. There are instances in which medicine isn’t going to help as far as treatment options go. In certain cases, additional methods, such as surgery, implantation, or injection, may be available.

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction is described as persistent difficulties obtaining or maintaining an erection sufficient for sexual satisfaction. The critical term here is “regular.” It’s natural for men to have trouble getting hard on occasion. Still, when good erections become the exception rather than the rule, or when they cease to occur, that’s ED — and it might be an indication that something else is going on inside.

In certain circumstances, it is a preventable cause of disease. Eliminating the reason (whether it’s a prescription, a recreational substance, excess weight, a smoking habit you’re attempting to stop, or a toxic relationship) may help resolve your ED without the need for therapy.

Treating the underlying reason (a hormone imbalance, depression, or anxiety) takes a bit more time and work but is well worth the effort. As you address the underlying issue, you may notice that your ED improves dramatically or resolves without the need for ED drugs such as Fildena 100, and Vidalista 20.

Occasionally, however, ED is caused by a combination of factors. Stopping one reason or addressing another may not be sufficient to resolve the ED entirely if additional causes are involved. In some instances, your physician will want to delve a bit further to ascertain the cause of the problem.

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Causes of ED

1. Obesity

Erectile dysfunction is not the only health concern that being overweight and carrying excess fat around your waist may cause; it also raises your chances of getting type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. In addition, testosterone levels in males are reduced by obesity. Low testosterone levels influence your desire for sex and your capacity to maintain an erection.

Erectile dysfunction may be alleviated by losing weight and exercising regularly to enhance your mental and physical health.

2. Nicotine and recreational drugs

Despite what you may think, all of these substances may make it much more challenging to get and keep a satisfying erection if you’re using them, so avoid them if you want to boost your sexual confidence and desire. As a result, avoid using drugs. Because of this, they will only be a letdown.

The ability to get erection-challenging and sexually stimulated may be hampered by nicotine use (smoking or vaping). Consider your social habits if you suffer from sexual dysfunction: do you smoke, drink wine, or use marijuana or other recreational drugs? They are most likely to blame for your erectile dysfunction if this is the case.

3. The side effects of medication

At least one-quarter of all ED cases may be traced back to the use of drugs that can cause the disorder. Diuretics, antidepressants (in particular SSRIs and SNRIs), indigestion medications, antihistamines, and opioid painkillers are the most prevalent offenders in this regard. In addition, drugs for Parkinson’s, chemotherapy, and treatment for prostate cancer may cause ED, albeit to a lesser degree.

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If you are concerned that your medication is causing your erectile dysfunction, talk to your doctor. They may tell you to lower your dose, stop taking it, or switch to a drug that has less potential of making you incontinent.

4. Imbalances in hormones

Low testosterone, high prolactin, thyroid hormone abnormalities, and increased cortisol are just a few of the possible causes of erectile dysfunction.

In some instances, hormone treatment has been shown to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction caused by prolactin increased sexual function and testosterone levels in a study of 51 men with elevated prolactin levels.

5. High cholesterol

As a result of excessive cholesterol levels, penile blood vessels might be damaged, resulting in erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction symptoms may also be alleviated by decreasing high cholesterol levels.

It was found that a 2014 meta-analysis of 11 clinical trials found that men with high cholesterol and ED who used statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs) had better erectile function regardless of their age.

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