How to download and install DARQ for free on Epic Games Store

This week, Epic Games Store’s free game is DARQ Complete Edition, the horror game that is free to play starting October 29 until November 4, 2021. DARQ Complete Edition scores 85 on Metacritic and its normal price is $17. Get DARQ for free, download and install it on the Epic Games Store to enjoy the horror game on Halloween right now.

DARQ Complete Edition tells the story of Lloyd, a boy who is aware of the fact that he is dreaming. To Lloyd’s misfortune, the dream quickly turns into a nightmare and all attempts to wake up fail. As he explores the darkest corners of his subconscious, Lloyd learns to survive a nightmare by bending the laws of physics and manipulating the fluid structure of the dream world.

how to install and install darq mien on epic games store

Download Free Games DARQ on Epic Store

How to download and install DARQ for free on Epic Games Store

To download Epic Games Store games on your computer, you need to install support software Epic Games Launcherthe specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: Download and install Epic Games Launcher Latest version here.

Step 2: Open Epic Games Launcherpress Sign In With Epic Games => enter Epic Games account yours => press Log In Now. If you do not have an account, select SIGN UP new registration (refer to the instructions below if you don’t know how to do it).

Reference: How to register for an Epic Games account
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Step 3: In Storeyou scroll down to find the item Free Gamesselect DARQ in category Free Games.

how to play and play darq mien on epic games store

Step 4: Press Get get free DARQ license on Epic Games Store. In the table Checkoutclick Place Order.

How to install and install darq mien on epic games store

Step 5: Move to Lbirarychoose game DARQ => click Install Download and install the game on your computer via Epic Games Launcher. When the installation is complete, just click Icon DARQ off screen Desktop to open the game.

Reference: How to download free games on Epic Games Store

how to install and play darq mien game on epic games store

In addition, DARQ also has many difficult puzzles, Lloyd will have to use stealth when there are enemies nearby. You have no chance of winning in a confrontation, as the creatures Lloyd will encounter are much stronger and faster than you. Instead, you must plan carefully to avoid detection.

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