How to enter Game Code on Origin, Redeem Key Origin

Redeem Key Origin, enter Code Game on Origin to play copyrighted games developed and published by Electronic Arts. Today, many platforms apply the method of buying games to receive Key Games so that they can give them to friends, relatives or sell to someone without having to sell the account.

Sometimes in the process of surfing the web, playing games, buying and selling on social networks … you receive a Game Key (Code Game) that activates to receive the game on Origin but don’t know how to use them. Please follow the instructions below.

how to enter game code on origin

Redeem Code Origin – Get game copyright from using Code

Instructions to activate Key Game on Origin

Step 1: Start the software Origin on your computer.

Reference: Instructions to download and install Origin on your computer

Step 2: At the card SIGN INimport account and password => choose SIGN IN. If you do not have an Origin account, please switch to the card Create An Account to proceed with the new registration.

Reference: How to register for an Origin account

how to enter game code on origin

Step 3: After successful login, choose Origin => Redeem Product Code.

how to activate game code on origin

Step 4: Import Code Game Origin in the box Enter Product Code => press next.
– Usually, users receive Game Origin Codes from buying games, events or being gifted by others.

active code game on origin

– Press next get the game from using Code Game on Origin.
+ As the illustration below, Taimienphi has successfully activated the Key Game and received it for free Battlefield 4.

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Enter the code on the origin of the free game

Step 5: The game is now included in your library. Enter My Game Libraryselect games and proceed to install the game from there.

Huong Danh su used the game code on origin

Entering Code Game on Origin is quite simple, if you find it difficult, please leave a comment in the comment section below Taimienphi will support you immediately. Hopefully with the above sharing will help you quickly play more copyrighted games from EA.

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