How to get free stars in Play Together, Play Together VNG

In Play Together, Play Together VNG star money is always an important thing for players to spend on buying beautiful clothes, houses, decorative items …. so that life is not deprived. So how to get free stars in Play Together? The following article will answer all of your questions.

You have completed all the quests Play Together daily but number money? Insignificant increase, you want to receive more to buy things you like but don’t know how? Enter the latest Play Together Code, you can not only get stars but also get free Gems

How to make money in play together

How to earn Play Together stars with just a few simple steps

1. Why do I have to receive Play Together stars?

– Most of the items in the game Play Together use star money to buy.
– Star money to buy a house, interior decoration, cars, motorbikes … vac many other items.
– Star money can buy tickets to travel, participate in events or festivals.
– In addition, the star money can be used for some other purposes.

Currently, players can download Play Together VNG on phones through the download link below:

+ Download link Play Together VNG for Android
+ Download link Play Together VNG for iPhone

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2. Code Play Together to receive the latest Star Coins

Right below, Taimienphi has compiled all the latest Play Together Game Code codes that are still active for readers. A simple method of getting free stars in Play Together is used by many gamers.

CODE 1: YouAreTheBest2021 (Random)
CODE 2: HODUKKAGI2021 (Christmas Gift)
CODE 3: LFTOGETHER2021 (Random)
CODE 4: FORYOU2KSTARS (2000 stars)
CODE 6: SARANGHAE (2000 stars)
CODE 7: HAPPYCHUSEOK (5000 stars)

3. Instructions for entering Code Play Together to receive Stars

Step 1: At the main screen, click the icon black phone.

How to make money play together every day

Step 2: Select Settinggear icon, press Enter Coupon below.

Meow Nhan Tien Star Play Together

Step 3: Import Code Play Together => press Receive Gifts.

play together bang code

Step 4: A successful change message appears, enter Letters get reward.

enter the code to play together

Above is the simplest and fastest way to get free stars in Play Together from entering GiftCode, in addition we also have a few other Play Together Codes that allow you to receive Premium Eggs. Tewtiy Pants, Shirt, Face and Hair at the link below

Reference: Code Play Together VNG

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