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My Hotpot Story – Happy Street Hot Pot is a role-playing game with a relatively light installation capacity, suitable for many devices. Only a few days after its release, My Hotpot Story became famous and known by many people for its hot pot restaurant simulation gameplay. Code Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop was given as a gift by NPH on the first day of launch for you Rising star rating Sugar Hanh Phuc Hotpot Shop fast.

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Summary of the latest Code My Hotpot Story Mobile

I. Summary of the latest Happy Sugar Hotpot Code

Up to the present time Taimienphi has compiled and listed all the latest available Happy Sugar Hotpot Codes that are active below. Players can exchange these codes for diamonds, coins, energy, lucky points and other in-game rewards. List of new Hanh Phuc Street Hotpot Codes in operation:

Happy Workers Day















II. How to enter the Code Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop

Step 1: Log in gamesat the main interface select Announcement Speaker.
Step 2: Import Code Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop into the blank box.

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Step 3: Press Receivethe reward the player receives will appear on the screen.

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III. How to get new Happy Sugar Hotpot Code

To be able to receive more codes, you should regularly visit the Fanpage forum, participate in events organized by the administrator here. Each Code of Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop has a different value, providing different materials and items. Or else you can bookmark this article, Taimienphi will synthesize the latest Happy Sugar Hot Pot Codes for your convenience.
– Home page to receive Code Happy Sugar Hotpot
– Fanpage to receive Code Code for Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop
– Group received Code Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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IV. Some questions about Happy Sugar Hotpot Code?

1. What is Hanh Phuc Sugar Hotpot Code?
Codes of Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop are gift codes provided by the publisher, they consist of alphanumeric characters. Users after entering the latest Happy Sugar Hotpot Code will receive special rewards from NPH.

2. Why should I enter the Code Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop?
Entering the latest Happy Sugar Hot Pot Code is a resolute condition for players to quickly develop their store, promote their business as well as expand more branches, recipes …. compared to other players. other players.

3. What do you get when you enter the Happy Sugar Hotpot Code?
Code Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop will often give players a certain amount of diamonds, recipes, ingredients …. or special items so you can develop your restaurant.

V. Introducing the game Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop

My Hotpot Story – Happy Sugar Hot Pot is a simulation role-playing game that puts the players of Happy Sugar Hotpot in the role of a restaurant manager, where you run and plan to develop your own Happy Sugar Hotpot. become famous, with the latest Happy Sugar Hotpot Codes Taimienphi provided above, your restaurant is sure to do well and be known by many people. Please visit Link download Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop for the latest Android, PC and iOS and discover the best of the game.
– Role-playing game to run the shop, hot pot restaurant
– Light capacity game, compatible with many operating systems
– Lovely chibi 2.5D graphics, realistic sound
– Many recipes, famous dishes
– Freedom to operate and develop many business methods
– Decorate the shop, create your own restaurant

BECAUSE. How to download Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop new version

In My Hotpot Story, players manage the store and hire employees, develop the best recipes, decorate the restaurant door to attract customers to the restaurant. Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop is available on Android and iOS operating systems, to download Happy Sugar Hotpot you can access the link below.

Can Hanh Phuc Street Hot Pot Shop play on PC, Laptop? Tips to play Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop how to develop the shop … are being interested by many readers. Although you can only play Happy Sugar Hotpot on Android and iOS, you can still play Happy Sugar Hotpot on PC if you use an Android emulator, you can refer to the link below.
Reference: How to play Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop on PC
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VII. Some tips for Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop

1. Tips to play Happy Sugar Hotpot Code for newbies
– Complete mission: If you want to have a stable income, completing the task is the right thing to do. When completing an assigned task, you not only receive experience points but also a decent bonus, use them to upgrade your restaurant or earn new food recipes, increase the star rating of Happy Sugar Hotpot Restaurant. than.
– Recruiting more staff: Players can earn extra income when all the employees work hard, each in charge of a different task. If your staff work hard, attentive and dedicated to customers, your restaurant will be appreciated, your reputation will fly far, thereby attracting more customers.

How to enter code to clean up happiness on Android

– Enter the code Hanh Phuc Hot Pot Shop regularly: Accessing and using the latest Happy Sugar Hotpot Code every day will give gamers free ingredients, recipes, diamonds, … or special items to develop their restaurant. .
– Upgrade items, craft new dishes: You can prepare a variety of new and rich dishes by yourself, attracting many diners to the restaurant. Then you start shopping for new decorative furniture or upgrade the infrastructure, increase the number of customers coming to the shop …. Depending on the upgrades, your restaurant will be rewarded with the following indicators:

How to enter code to clean up happiness on iOS

2. How to get Happy Sugar Hotpot Diamonds for free
– Enter the Happy Sugar Hotpot Code: Entering the code Happy Sugar Hot Pot is the safest and fastest way to get free diamonds, coins, energy, lucky points, and players will have more spices or ingredients to cook and prepare new dishes. without wasting time searching.
– Watch ads to receive diamonds: You only need to spend 30 seconds to watch the ad and then you will receive 10 diamonds, can watch many to increase the number of diamonds received. Click plus icon => choose Receive.

How to enter code to clean up happiness on iPhone

– Get diamonds through the genius cat: This way is very few people interested because the number of diamonds is quite small and does not appear often. The genius cat will give the player a few diamonds, along with spices for you to pair with items in the creation of five flavors.
– Opening party prize draw: You can earn diamonds at this feature. However, you can only spin 20 diamonds and this way is a bit risky. Every day, players will be rewarded with one free spin and if you want to spin more you have to use diamonds in exchange for spins (20 diamonds = 1 spin). – To draw the opening Wine Party bonus, you need to press Shop => press Opening party => click bonus withdrawal.

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how to enter code to clean happy content on mobile

3. How to increase star rating, star attribute Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop
– At the main interface, you click the icon star statue top left corner.
+ To increase the star rank you need to fully satisfy Condition for the next level include Base Score, Service Point and Food Score.

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– Increase Base Score You need to buy items inside and outside the Shop door.
+ Each item adds different Base Points.
+ The higher the price, the more Base Points are added.

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– Increase Service Point you need recruitment More people serve, staff, chef to increase customer service efficiency.
+ Each employee has its own special skill
+ The higher the attribute level, the more Service Points after recruitment will be.

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– Increase Food Points then you need Upgrade dishes and Create new dishes (create new dishes).

List of code to save money every day

+ Upgrade The dishes on the menu include Hot Pot Water, Ingredient and Side dishes.

How to get code to save money to be happy every time

+ Creative New dishes to make the restaurant menu richer

meow the code to clean up the happiness

4. Participate in the event to earn items, skins and more
Events are where players earn more ingredients to craft new items, enrich their menus, or win special, iconic skins. To participate in the Happy Sugar Hot Pot event, players need to reach Tin level 2 or higher. The example of playing the World Cup event at Happy Street Hot Pot Shop is as follows
– At the main interface in Shopselect event World Cup.

Welcome and enter the code to save money on happiness

– Select friend group uniform and press Begin.
+ Every day you get 3 plays Free, refresh after 00h every day.

Quick code to clean up the happiness and success of the service

– Your mission is to control the character move in 2 minutes, Ssang left or Right to Avoid obstaclestcollect jerseys and other resources.

Enter the code to clean up the happiness of Kim Cuong

– Each time you play you are allowed to touch 3 obstacles. At the end, the system statistics the rewards you receive when you participate in the World Cup event.

Enter the code to clean up the content of the source

– Also you can use points Energy (lightning bolt icon) overplayed. Consume every time you play 5 Energy.

enter the code to clean the phantom phantom

– Select tab Exchange above, use jerseys buy Costumes and Skin exchange trophy World Cup event Happy Street Hot Pot Shop.

enter the code to clean up the skin

Each Hanh Phuc Hotpot Shop event provides abundant resources, so if you work hard, you don’t have to Loading up the game Happy Street Hotpot Shop and still have toys to play with. If you find it interesting, don’t forget to Like & Share the article to let everyone know.

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