Latest AFK League of Heroes Code

AFK Hero League is known as a cross-platform AFK general card game, the game is now open to allow gamers to participate in pre-registration to receive the AFK Hero League Code Diamond, Hero 6 Star, Equipment 5 Star … and many other valuable gifts in kind.

For those who are passionate about general card strategy games, it is hard to ignore this fascinating AFK League of Heroes game. With extremely unique boss battle gameplay, beautiful graphics and funny character creation, AFK . League of Heroes promises to be the arena for all gamers to compete.

1. About the game League of Heroes AFK

League of Heroes belongs to the AFK role-playing game genre with a European mythological setting, creative gameplay and countless exciting activities taking place continuously in each time frame. Quickly recruit heroes to explore the mysterious epic world on Android and iOS phones.

2. Highlights of the game League of Heroes AFK

– Game IDLE AFK European mythological setting
– Beautiful graphics, impressive character creation
– Massive inventory of generals, spoiled for recruitment
– Thousands of copies, challenge hero missions
– Exciting inter-server battlefield activities, top-notch combat
– Hunting bosses to release gas, drop vast items

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afk hero alliance code

Synthesize the latest Code of League of Heroes Mobile

3. Why have to enter the game Code of League of Heroes AFK?

Take advantage of the AFK League of Heroes Codes below to get high quality heroes for free, the higher the attribute, the more powerful the hero will be and they will help you get through most of the starter copies. More specifically, you can get free Diamonds after entering the AFK League of Heroes Code.

4. Latest AFK Hero League Code List

– LMAH8888

Taimienphi will update the latest AFK League of Heroes Code codes to readers as soon as they appear.

5. How to enter Hero League Code AFK

Step 1: At the main screen, select arrows the bottom left corner opens the interface Settings.
Step 2: Select Settings in the next table.
Step 3: Insert code Code of the League of Heroes AFK in the box Activation code.
Step 4: Press Change completed.
Step 5: Click Letters to receive the entered Giftcode exchange item.

6. How to get new AFK League of Heroes Code

On the special occasion, NPH GGames is organizing many activities at channels to help players have more opportunities to receive valuable gifts, AFK Heroes League Codes.
– AFK . League of Heroes homepage
– Facebook League of Heroes AFK
– Group of Heroes AFK
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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