Latest Code An Thien Ky

To provide a better experience, the developers are constantly upgrading the system and launching many new activities, the compensation rewards are super valuable Code An Thien Ky gift codes to receive Tien Ngoc and thousands of other free items.

Receive Code An Thien Ky Where ? How to use An Thien Ky Game Code to exchange rewards for Tien Ngoc, Lead Linh Chau, Tan Co Tien Thuat, Equipment ? If you don’t know then the following guide by Taimienphi is for you.

1. An Thien Ky game introduction

An Thien Ky is a new generation Idle strategy game on Android and iOS, where the player plays the role of a descendant of the Flame Emperor whose task is to investigate the cause of the spirit being demonized. Players can strengthen their characters by leveling up, increasing stars, adding equipment and upgrading them.

2. Outstanding features of the game An Thien Ky

– New generation Idle game, still strong without loading
– AFK mechanism accumulates resources even when offline
– Freedom to build squad according to your tactics
– Western style ink style graphics
– Many unique activities to explore the Three Realms

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security code

Summary of the latest An Thien Ky Mobile Code

3. Why enter the code game An Thien Ky?

Immediately after logging in, gamers immediately receive VIP Tier 5 and can use Code An Thien Ky to receive more Tien Ngoc, the most valuable resource unit that players can use to buy all in-game items.
– Get Tien Ngoc
– Receive a Guide to Linh Chau
– Get Ancient Immortal Magic
– Get Equipment
– Get Silver

4. Latest An Thien Ky Code List

– vip666
Currently we are still updating and adding new Code An Thien Ky every week, readers please visit often to get more new codes.

5. How to enter Code An Thien Ky

Step 1: At the main screen, click the icon Avatar character => Setting.

enter the security code

Step 2: Next choose the card GiftCodeimport Code An Thien Ky => press Confirm.

safe game code

– Soon the player will receive the reward, click any location to collect them in your inventory.

full code mobile security

6. How to get new Code An Thien Ky

Many events are taking place at An Thien Ky’s official Fanpage and Group, the rewards for full participants are super valuable GiftCode codes, each of which provides a random reward.
– An Thien Ky homepage
– An Thien Ky Facebook Fanpage
– Group An Thien Ky
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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