Latest Code of Condor Three Khuc Mobile

Condor Tam Khuc Mobile – Condor Tam Khuc Dzogame is a strategy game developed based on martial arts novels by writer Kim Dung. The game opened the first server with the super valuable Mobile Condor Code, gamers immediately received Kim Nguyen Bao and Chieu Command for free.

The companions and effective support of the great heroes on the road of adventure around the world are the sets Code of Condor Triumph Mobilethe game converges hundreds of famous guests on the Gypsy with a diverse functional system that allows you to unleash your creativity.

1. Introduction to the game of Condor Tam Khuc Mobile

For those who do not know, Condor Tam Khuc Mobile is a 5v5 vertical screen general battle game brought to Vietnam by NPH Game, the game gathers hundreds of the most famous characters in the Gypsy for you to build and create a strong fighting squad that overcomes many gates, PvP and PvE inter-server battlefields.

2. Salient features of the game Condor Tam Khuc Mobile

– Create the original standard character Kim Dung.
– Each general has a skill, exclusive martial arts
– Sharp 3D graphics, simple operation, intuitive interface and easy to play
– Rich activities, overwhelming profits.
– Login to get free red generals.

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The code is far from the mobile phone area

Synthesize the latest Code of Condor Triumph Dzogame

3. Why have to enter the game Code of Condor Tam Khuc Mobile game?

For gamers of the F2P (Free-to-Play) system, the Code of Condor Tam Khuc Mobile is extremely valuable, they allow you to receive all kinds of game resources without needing to load cards, lose money to buy items or materials to foster champions.
– Natural needle protection
– High Recruit Card

– Red champions, free red champion shards
– High attribute 3* & 4* equipment
– Martial arts, super strong magic formations

4. Latest Mobile Condor Code List

– XADIEU2022

Currently Taimienphi is still looking for more new Mobile Condor Codes from NPH Dzogame, please come back often to use to receive KNB, Salary and High Recruitment Card.

5. How to enter Code of Condor Three Khuc Mobile

Step 1: At the main screen, click the icon Phuc Profit.

Full Code far from mobile phone

Step 2: Select Gift Wrapping Codeimport Code of Condor Triumph Mobile latest => Receive.

code far from dzogame's three zones

– Soon the player will receive his reward.

how to enter code far from dzogame mobile

6. How to get a new Code of Condor Three Khuc Mobile

Own more giftcode of the game Condor Tam Khuc Mobile more by participating in activities, minigames being held on the game’s official forums, specifically
– Homepage Condor Tam Khuc Mobile
– Facebook Condor Triumph Mobile
– Group Condor Tam Khuc Mobile
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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