Latest Full Code Kame Legend get Free spins and rare champions

The journey to explore the new Dragon ball universe is about to begin, the action adventure game Kame Legend is coming out in July. Lots of Code Kame Legend codes, iPhone 14 Pro Max, new generation game console PS5, Son Goku model, … are waiting for you to own.

Immediately after logging in Kame Legend, gamers will definitely get 100 spins, Trunks SSJ2, rare warrior Vegeta and Code Kame Legend set to help newbies get through the starting phase. At the same time, when registering, players will have the opportunity to own a 20k Funcard scratch card, iPhone 14 Pro Max, PS5 game console, Goku Figure and Dragon Ball comic series.

code kame legend

Latest Full Code Kame Legend and how to enter Giftcode

1. Full Code Kame Legend get diamonds and warrior chest


2. How to enter Giftcode Kame Legend

Currently, the role-playing game against generals Kame Legend is still in the testing phase and will soon be available in the Vietnamese market in July. Therefore, you still cannot use the Code Kame Legend input feature. We will update the instructions for entering Giftcode soon when the game officially launches.

3. How to get the new Kame Legend Code

To be able to receive Game Codes New Kame Legend, you can register to play Kame Legend or participate in events being held at the official Fanpage such as: Accepting Son Goku SR, playing Landing to receive gifts, registering to receive Giftcode immediately and participating Groups receive gifts.

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– Kame Legend homepage
– Kame Legend Fanpage
– Group Kame Legend

4. Main features of the game Kame Legend

– Sharp 2D graphics, creating original standard characters.
– Show gamer skills by tactical formation system.
– Diverse PvE and PvP combat activities, receive unlimited gifts.
– Support hang up, AFK auto-fight.

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