Latest Hoa Than Inn Code

Hoa Than Inn – The new historical role-playing game of NPH TTHOA will bring you a beautiful Hoa Than dream. There are many challenges to solve cases waiting for you to discover. The latest Hoa Than Inn Code is the key to finding the truth faster.

Entering the world of Hoa Than, an indispensable witch exorcist with beautiful costumes, Code for Hoa Than Inn not only provide colorful outfits but also get Diamonds, Avatar Frames and backgrounds for free.

1. Introduction to Hoa Than Inn game

Hoa Than Inn is a fashion role-playing game that brings players back to the heyday of the Tang Dynasty, putting players in the role of Hoa Su to overcome hundreds of difficult and easy obstacles to become Hoa Than. Code inn Hoa Than has a real-time moving scene between day and night, many gorgeous costumes and beautiful scenery.

2. Outstanding features of the game Hoa Than Inn

– Ancient role-playing game to solve the case on mobile
– Beautiful scenery, Dunhuang dream
– Splendidly adorned, freely coordinated
– A soulmate, day and night companion
– Divine Beast support, except for killing evil
– Through the book of solving the case, finding the truth

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Summary of the latest Code of Hoa Than Mobile Inn

3. Why have to enter the Code of the game Quan Hoa Than?

With historical games like Hoa Than’s Inn, being gorgeous is always a priority for players, so entering Hoa Than’s Code will help you own many beautiful, gorgeous costumes and show off your personality.
– Diamond
– Avatar frames
– Background, Title
– Gold Coins and many other free old religions

4. Latest Hoa Than Inn Code List

– sdaft2022
Taimienphi is updating more Codes for Hoa Than Inn game to receive Diamonds, Titles, Avatar Frames and many other free items.

5. How to enter Hoa Than Inn Code

Step 1: At the main interface, click Avatar character => choose Setting.

code game quan ash hoa than

Step 2: Press GiftCodeimport Code for Hoa Than Inn => choose Confirm.

full code quan ash hoa than

Step 4: Go back to the main screen, go to Letters get reward.

enter the code to save money

6. How to get a new Hoa Than Inn Code

Like Fanpage, Drop Heart and Share Video on personal page in public mode … are the latest activities going on on the official Fanpage of the game. You just need a few simple steps to immediately receive the new Hoa Than Inn Game Code from NPH TTHOA GAMES.
– Homepage of Hoa Than Inn
– Facebook Fanpage of Hoa Than Inn
– Hoa Than Inn Group
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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