Latest Legendary Warrior Code

Synthesize the latest Legendary Warrior Code, the gift codes of NPH sent to gamers on the day the game opens the first server of the Open Beta version. Legendary Warrior belongs to the series of turn-based general card strategy games with a familiar Dragon Ball theme for many people.

In the tactical generals game Legendary Warrior then items like Diamonds, Hero Shards, Enhancement Stones …. are extremely necessary to support in combat, these are only available when you use them. Code of Legendary Warrior reward exchange.

1. Introduction of Legendary Warrior game

Super Fighters The Legend of Shenron has been purchased and released exclusively by NPH KBHT in Vietnam with the name Legendary Warrior, a new generation Dragon Ball general strategy game on Android and iOS. Legendary Warrior is a journey to collect 7 gems to activate the power to prepare for the greatest war in the entire universe.

2. Features of Legendary Warrior game

– More than 100 warriors with original standard shapes
– Each character has its own special skill
– Various activities, unlimited rewards
– Fortune telling system, automatic refining
– Possess companions, increase attributes

Legendary soldier code

Summary of the latest Mobile Legend Warrior Code

3. Why enter the Legendary Warrior Game Code?

The beginning of each game is extremely important, Legendary Warriors is no exception, you need to use GiftCode to quickly get valuable resources or new champions, they will help you overcome many copies as well as complete the main story mission quickly.
– Diamond
– Hero Piece
– Energy Bullets
– Breakthrough Stone
– Martial Arts Festival Tickets
– Renewal Tickets with Prizes
– Gold, Exp Card

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4. Latest Legendary Warrior Code List

– Disclosure 10K
TANTHUCBTT is constantly updating new codes, readers please come back to receive more redemption codes.

5. How to enter Legendary Warrior Code

Step 1: At the main screen in the game, click Avatar figure.
Step 2: Next you go to Basic Settings left side of the screen.

game code

Step 3: Import Code of Legendary Warrior latest, press Change.

traditional giftcode

– The rewards players receive will go directly to the inventory.

full code

6. How to get new Legendary Warrior Codes

Don’t miss the opportunity to receive more valuable codes from events held on the game’s official channels, specifically you can access.
– Legendary Warrior Homepage
– Facebook Legendary Warrior
– Legend Warriors Group
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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