Latest Super Bao Bao Mobile Code

It’s time for trainers to start the journey to conquer legendary Pokemon, become the most talented coaches after entering Code Sieu Bao Boi Mobile, the highest strategy arena game of all time.

So that the trainers can receive all the gifts from ATE and be easier on the way to start a new journey in Super Bao Bao. Today, Taimienphi will summarize all Super Bao Bao Mobile Codes, the most detailed instructions for receiving and entering.

1. Introducing the game Super Bao Boi Mobile

Super Bao Boi Mobile – The new Pokemon strategy arena game where you become a talented trainer, collect thousands of competitive legendary treasures and participate in the world’s biggest tournaments to find the champion.

2. Outstanding features of the game Super Bao Boi Mobile

– Top notch tactical pet fighting game on Android and iOS
– Sign in to receive thousands of Bao Bao for FREE
– Complete missions, level up pass cards to receive super cool gifts
– Many types of Pokemon, 24 mutually compatible systems
– Challenge the strategic ability of the coach

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Super mobile code

Summary of the latest Super Bao Bao Mobile Mobile Code

3. Why have to enter the Code of Super Bao Boi Mobile game?

Like many other Pokemon games, entering Code Super Bao Bao Mobile is a way for players to quickly own Mewtwo, the rare Pokemon with the most powerful and comprehensive skills.
– Get Diamonds
– Get Orange Sacred Treasure Chest
– Get super rare Pokemon of WORLD class
– Get Mewtwo Shards
– Receive Space Officer

4. Latest Super Bao Bao Mobile Code List



Taimienphi is updating and adding new Code Super Bao Bao Mobile.

5. How to enter Code Super Bao Bao Mobile

* Request: Complete the quest Chapter 1 Masara Town.
Step 1: At the game interface, go to Thanh Chinh.

great giftcode for mobile phones

Step 2: Click the icon Avatar figure.

code for super cool mobile game

Step 3: Select GC in the middle Setting and Feedback.

Enter the code for the best mobile phone case

Step 4: Import Code Super Bao Bao Mobile latest => click Agree.

full code super cool mobile phone

– Select Agree collect reward redeem GiftCode Super Bao Bao Mobile.


6. How to get a new Super Bao Bao Mobile Code

Join the latest event on the game’s official forums, rewards include Super Bao Bao Mobile Code and super valuable artifacts.
– Super Bao Bao Mobile Homepage
– Facebook Fanpage Sieu Bao Boi Mobile
– Group Sieu Bao Boi Mobile
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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