List of the latest Three Kingdoms Codes 2023

In the Three Kingdoms Chi Ton, tactics and strategic thinking are the keys to success. Players must build and manage the country, fight with other rulers to expand the territory. Enter the Code of Three Kingdoms Chi Ton to help heroes increase their strength to win matches.

Three Kingdoms Chi Ton owns more than 100 famous 3Q generals and countless exciting activities every day waiting for the Master to conquer. Along with many events, Gifts of Code Tam Quoc Chi Ton worth receiving 6-star Generals, equipment, EXP books,… non-stop.

code of three kingdoms

Summary of the Three Kingdoms Code and how to enter Giftcode

1. The latest Code of Three Kingdoms Chi Ton

CODE 6: MN10thhyijf
CODE 7: VAP28akkg5f
CODE 8: JGR1hlnj19t
CODE 9: DDK1gztgdnl

2. Instructions to enter Code Three Kingdoms Chi Ton

Step 1: At the main interface, click the . icon Avatar player.

code to enter the code of the three kingdoms

Step 2: Select tab Setting right side of the screen.

in the code of the three kingdoms, every day

Step 3: Press the button Giftcode under.

Doi code game Tam Quoc Chi ton on Android

Step 4: Import Code Three Kingdoms Supreme latest => press Change.

Use the giftcode to save money on iOS

– Notice to change the GiftCode code for the game Three Kingdoms Chi Ton successfully.

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Enter the code for the game three kingdoms to play gamez on iPhone

Step 5: Go back to the main screen, go to Letters.

in the code of the three kingdoms in 2023

– Select mail Bonus Giftcode and proceed Receive reward.

use the code of the three kingdoms to pay attention

list of codes of three countries

3. How to get the new Three Kingdoms Chi Ton Code

To receive Game Codes New Three Kingdoms, gamers can participate in events, mini-games or actively interact to become Hard Fans at the official Fanpage or Group forum, many special offers for hardworking people are waiting. you.
– Fanpage Three Kingdoms Chi Ton
– Group Three Kingdoms Chi Ton

4. Why enter Code Three Kingdoms Chi Ton?

Although the game has many incentives for new players, you still can’t ignore the feature of entering the Code of Three Kingdoms, if you are a lucky player, you will have the opportunity to own more 6-star generals, Nguyen Bao, Page get elite support to fight, beat the world boss easily.

Three Kingdoms Chi Ton is a familiar card strategy game, where gamers will experience the turn-based 6v6 combat mechanism, using the strengths/weaknesses of each general to create the perfect squad. can beat.
– The familiar Three Kingdoms war plot.
– Possesses 3D graphics combined with eye-catching chibi style.
– Hundreds of generals are waiting to be recruited.
– Dramatic card gameplay.
– The game allows gamers to unleash their tactical talent.

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