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Finding codes for Mencherz | Online Ludo, you’ve come to the perfect place. This article offers a complete collection of codes that you can use for Mencherz | Online Ludo. Mencherz | Online Ludo is a popular entertainment app belonging to the Board genre. It was developed by Incytel and was first released in Jun 24, 2019. Over time, it has received numerous updates and improvements, leading to its current version, 3.7.5, which is compatible with Android versions 5.1.

It’s available for installation at a price of Free. It has garnered over 1,000,000+ downloads from Google Play. Mencherz | Online Ludo has been rated 3.7/5 stars based on a significant number of ratings, which amounts to 70957 in total. Among the ratings, 19236 have given it a full 5-star rating, while 1367 have awarded it 4 stars. Furthermore, there is a breakdown of 42291 1-star ratings. Regarding content ratings on Google Play, Mencherz | Online Ludo has received a classification of Everyone.

Explore the latest redemption and gift codes for Mencherz | Online Ludo on Goforten.com. Our collection is regularly updated as of 06/12/2023, and we are confident that these codes will help enhance your gaming experience in Mencherz | Online Ludo.

Ensure to inspect the code immediately! (Last updated on 06/12/2023)

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Mencherz | Online Ludo Code – Latest Updated

  • RYMF1 Get ready to shine with 100 diamonds!
  • 41QB7 Exchange this code for a grand total of 300 gold coins.
  • 0840K Enter this code and claim a special reward of 50 diamonds.
  • KQKV5 Use this code to acquire a remarkable 200 diamonds and enhance your gaming arsenal.
  • R9LM Exchange this code for a staggering 500 gold coins.
  • FUNBQ Unleash the power of this code and receive 50 diamonds instantly.
  • OGB2Q Enter this code to Claim a generous bonus of 100 diamonds.
  • E0IDG Exchange this coupon for an impressive 400 coins and witness your in-game fortune grow exponentially.
  • X4IG Use this code and unlock a valuable reward of 100 diamonds.
  • SZFB Input this code and acquire 100 diamonds instantly.
  • 7SM8D Exchange this code for a legendary gold item.
  • X0E91 Redeem this code to claim a rare and coveted in-game collectible.

Mencherz | Online Ludo Redeem code

  • 6DLT
  • T2GH
  • C1M8
  • 3B0HN
  • 3O8H
  • 122ZE
  • GQL2
  • VQKN
  • BM9J5
  • FSB6

Mencherz | Online Ludo Freebies code

  • 46GSM
  • NTF65
  • G4AV9
  • X9UP
  • WBSN
  • PI34
  • ALD2
  • VFHF
  • GIJ55

Mencherz | Online Ludo Access code

  • FIEX
  • BWJD6
  • DU9V
  • KM5B
  • 678Q
  • 4S5PH
  • HMSO
  • 1QNU
  • LW2Q

Mencherz | Online Ludo code might be expired

  • ML9E5
  • 6PES7
  • 827C9
  • 0V80E
  • JYOR
  • AB3E
  • X8YY
  • QDR4X
  • CJRQ
  • NDB4S

How to Redeem Mencherz | Online Ludo Code

To redeem the Mencherz | Online Ludo code, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Mencherz | Online Ludo.
  2. Locate the section or option in the game where you can enter the gift code.
  3. Enter the Mencherz | Online Ludo gift code into the provided field.
  4. Confirm the code and wait for the game to process it. Once successful, you will receive the specified in-game rewards associated with the code.
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Enjoy your rewards and enjoy playing Mencherz | Online Ludo!

Mencherz | Online Ludo Details

[Code] Mencherz | Online Ludo Code Redeem

Mencherz, the nostalgic game of “Mensch argere dich nicht!” a variation of “Ludo”, Can be played by 2 to 4 players. Each player has four taws and must be taken to home by rolling the dice. After rolling, six needs to be shown on the dice, if a taw wants to start. 

The first player who can place all his taws at home before the others, Is the winner. 
 Competitors must try to hit other player’s taws so they cannot reach home.

Various Kinds of matches can be played at Mencherz. Some of Those, such as the Rookie match, Pro match, and VIP match, are always active, and you can choose which one to play on. Some matches are temporarily activated, such as the Luxury Co-op match, which can be noticed in the Event Games section. 

Playing online is an interesting feature. So, if you don’t have access to the internet, don’t worry, you still can play Mencherz. In offline mode, your opponent can be a bot or another player next to you.

Multiplayer mode is available too! You can play with your friends in private rooms even if you are far away from each other!

Key features:
– Multiplayer 2-4 players, offline and online
– Playing offline with bots or friends on one device
– Chat during the game
– Customizable pieces with cool frames and symbols

Mencherz | Online Ludo Summary

Mencherz | Online Ludo header image

Mencherz | Online Ludo – The nostalgic game of “Mensch argere dich nicht!” a variation of “Ludo”.

This game is in category: Board

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Current version: 3.7.5

This game is released on Jun 24, 2019

Apps & Games content ratings on Google Play: Everyone

About the game developer

Email: support@incytel.com

Website: http://www.incytel.com

Address: BC, CANADA

Recent change of the game:

– UI improvements
– Fixed friendly games bugs
– Minor bug fixes

Mencherz | Online Ludo has the overal review is 3.7 stars with more than 70957 reviews.

Mencherz | Online Ludo has 1,000,000+ Downloads

Mencherz | Online Ludo is Free to install.

Mencherz | Online Ludo game policy: http://incytel.com/static/public/misc/Mencherz_PrivacyPolicy.pdf

Current version of Mencherz | Online Ludo is 5.1 by developer Incytel, ID-Incytel

Mencherz | Online Ludo Images

Mencherz | Online Ludo photo 1

Mencherz | Online Ludo photo 2

Mencherz | Online Ludo photo 3

Mencherz | Online Ludo photo 4

Mencherz | Online Ludo photo 5

Mencherz | Online Ludo photo 6

Mencherz | Online Ludo photo 7

Mencherz | Online Ludo photo 8

Mencherz | Online Ludo photo 9

Mencherz | Online Ludo photo 10

Mencherz | Online Ludo photo 11

Mencherz | Online Ludo photo 12

Mencherz | Online Ludo FAQs

1. What is Mencherz | Online Ludo?

Mencherz | Online Ludo is a game developed by Incytel in the Board category.

2. When was the latest update for Mencherz | Online Ludo released?

The latest update for Mencherz | Online Ludo was released on Jun 24, 2019.

3. How many downloads does Mencherz | Online Ludo have?

Mencherz | Online Ludo has 1,000,000+ downloads.

4. What is the overall rating for Mencherz | Online Ludo?

Mencherz | Online Ludo has an overall rating of 3.7 stars based on 70957 reviews.

5. What is the current version of Mencherz | Online Ludo for Android?

The current version of Mencherz | Online Ludo for Android is 5.1.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 19236

⭐⭐⭐⭐✩ 1367

⭐⭐⭐✩✩ 2781

⭐⭐✩✩✩ 5139

⭐✩✩✩✩ 42291

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