Summary of the latest Survival War Code

The post-apocalyptic strategy game Survival War will soon officially launch players around the world. The server opening celebration gift is definitely indispensable without the Survival War Code, helping Newbies have the best playing experience, making the conquest easier.

Owning the Survival War Code will save you a fair amount of money, time to plow and exchange for weapons, free items, support to increase combat power for the squad with just a few basic operations. copy. From there, it is easy to collect many useful resources and loot without spending much effort.


List of Game Codes for Survival War

1. Full Code of Survival War and how to enter

Currently, the Battle for Survival is still in the testing phase and will soon enter the Vietnamese market with a lot of novelty points that gamers can enjoy exploring. New Codes are always updated by us here, readers, please save this article and check it often.

2. Tips to get the new Survival Battle Code

During this time, the Fanpage of the Survival War will also regularly update new news, events and activities for gamers to receive. game code Free Battle for Survival, along with awesome gifts waiting for you to own..
– Fanpage The Battle for Survival

3. Why is my Survival Code error?

It is possible that your gift code has expired, but the number of permanent Codes is almost nonexistent. To fix the error, please check the expiration of the Survival War Code or reset the game and re-enter the Giftcode again.

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Survival War is an idle game combined with a very popular strategy genre in Vietnam. Not just a base building game, defending the territory, you will need to rescue the survivors and join the powerful Zombie hunters to restore human civilization after the post-apocalypse.
– Familiar idle tactical gameplay.
– Beautiful 2D graphics, also with unique western style character design.
– Ruined and dilapidated environments highlight character skill effects.
– Diverse hunter warehouse, with more for you to enjoy recruiting.
– 3D graphics combining Anime and sci-fi is extremely eye-catching.
– Easily collect useful resources thanks to the AFK feature, without much effort.

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