Synthesize Code Arsenal to receive free costumes and voice samples

Arsenal is a first-person FPS shooter developed on the Roblox platform. Taimienphi would like to send you the Arsenal Roblox game code, you can receive many valuable gifts for free. Let’s explore together.

The release of many giftcodes is a very good way of attracting players of the publisher, and also makes it easier for players to get the desired items in the game. Especially with Roblox games like Roblox Arsenal. Please refer to the following article of to know the list Code Roblox Arsenal the newest.

new arsenal code

Summary of the latest Code Arenal Roblox

1. Roblox Arsenal Code List

Here is the full Roblox Asenal Giftcode list:

GARCELLO: Gain 1 Garcello skin, Gacello kill effect, and an expression.
ROLVE: get Fanboy costume.
POG: get 1200 coins.
BLOXY: receive a random amount.
Bandites: get sound effects, voice of Bandites.
EPRIKA: get sound effects, voice of Eprika.
FLAMINGO: get sound effects, voice of Flamingo.
JOHN: get sound effects, voice of John.
KITTEN: get sound effects, voice of Koneko.
PET: get sound effects, voice of PetrifyTV.
ANNA: get Anna’s costume.
F00LISH: get Jackery costume.
CBROX: get the Phoenix costume.
POKE: get Poke skins.

2. How to redeem Code Arsenal

To change the code Roblox Arsenal you need to find and open the game in the Roblox app. Find and select the Twitter icon displayed in the game’s main screen interface. After clicking on this Twitter icon, a window like the one in the picture will appear:

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how to enter roblox arsenal code

You just need to enter the code in the box “Enter your code here“, then press Redeem to confirm the completion of the redemption process.

Make sure you have entered the correct codes that the article provides, otherwise the system will not be able to pay you. And always redeem your rewards as soon as you know the code or try to redeem it as soon as possible, because you will never know when these Roblox Arsenal codes will expire.

In addition, readers can also refer to many other articles on to update giftcodes for other hot games on the market today such as World Defenders Tower Defense game. If you are playing this game in the game world of Roblox, you can immediately enter the code here.

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