Synthesize the latest Code I Am the God of War to receive KNB, high level Equipment

Become the true leader in the world of I Am the God of War. With a rich and detailed storyline, Code Ta La War God will take you to unique battles, explore diverse locations and collect valuable items to become the strongest.

As a professional gamer, Code Ta La Chien Than is probably what any player is interested in and wants to own a lot, improving your RPG experience better.

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The latest code I Am the God of War and how to enter Giftcode for free

1. Code I Am War God latest today

CODE 3: CEO999

2. Instructions for entering the Code I Am War God

* Request: Game character must be level 30 or higher.

Step 1: Log in the game, select the icon Welfare top right corner
Step 2: In the table Welfareselect Gift card.
Step 3: Import Code I Am the God of Warpress Redeem Gifts.

3. What is the Code I Am War God? Why enter GiftCode ?

Simply put, Code Ta La Chien Than is a series of special characters released by NPH to promote the game and support newbies. Usually, they will provide you with items such as legendary weapons, super cool armor, gifts, pets and Vip mounts that many gamers have to admire.

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4. How to get the new I Am War God Game Code

For a chance to receive Game Codes I am the new God of War, you should regularly visit the Fanpage of NPH, as well as the official Group to update the latest events, activities and minigames taking place.

– Fanpage I Am the God of War
– Group I Am the God of War

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