Synthesize the new 3D Love Code to receive KNB, Bao Thach, and Soul Wings for free

Another summer is coming, let’s join the latest event on Fanpage to win super cool gifts, and own a new 3D Love Code to redeem Kim Nguyen Bao, Soul Wing, Linh Vu for free. fee.

Join the game Love Sword 3D Recently released by Funtap and receive valuable GiftCode immediately, Funtap organizes events every week with the purpose of gratitude to gamers, helping them have more good items for a more interesting discovery journey.

3d crystal code

Full Code of Love Sword 3D game to receive free Kim Nguyen Bao

1. Latest 3D Love Code List

– 8AAEC99Z4E47976

– 7ABE38EEA2B8488

– FAFE483EA24A85B

– 3FEEA85ED24228B

– 87528ZFZB4299



– B2F2BZFZ26A644E



– 5F7E48FEAE2A742

– 784E786EFE82597


– 729E685E4E9BC3D

– 4AAE885E526E878

– C5FE886E82A5AFD

– 42DE787E825AC64

There are also some other Event GiftCodes you can get HEREafter logging in to the game account and performing the Change Code for Love Sword 3D game.

2. The fastest way to enter the Code of Love 3D game

Step 1: On the main screen interface of the game, you select the section Setting

enter 3d code on Android

Step 2: Select section giftcode >> Enter the code you have >> Click Search

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Enter the 3d code on iOS

On December 26, Tinh Kiem 3D officially launched players in Vietnam, You can see more about how play Love Sword 3D on PC for a more enjoyable computer experience. If you love games of the Three Kingdoms genre like Crouching Dragon Story released by Funtap, experience it right away, You can play the game on PC with the instructions for using the code on the computer on your computer with simple steps. Simple, quick.

3. Link to download Love Sword 3D for Android and iOS new version

Right now Love Sword 3D has appeared on Google Play and App Store systems, allowing players to download and install, select the appropriate operating system before clicking the download link below.

=> Link to download Love Sword 3D APK

=> Link to download Love Sword 3D for Android

=> Link to download Love Sword 3D for iPhone

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