Synthesize the new Code Conqueror Dai Chien to receive the Super VIP Extermination Set.


Like code Legend of Piratesgamers after entering the Giftcode Conqueror Dai Chien not only receive Gold, Treasure Bags, but also a set of 7 purple level 125 Extermination items to quickly increase their combat power.

code for three kings

List of Codes of Conqueror of Great War

I. The latest Code of Conqueror Dai Chien

CODE 1: BTB1V_hareqvme
CODE 2: BTB2V_7rudmnb8
CODE 3: BTB3V_c93n5a8nbqvb
CODE 4: BDHV_tcuq9pyk6
CODE 5: codeDongTrac

II. Instructions to enter Code Conqueror Dai Chien

Step 1: Login game account HERE
Step 2: Select Server and enter Code Conqueror Great War => Use.

enter the code for the first three kings of the year

Step 3: Return to the game, enter the system Letters top right corner.

code game three kings dai chien on Android

– Receive rewards for exchanging code for the game Conqueror Dai Chien.

Enter the code of the three kings of the day on iOS

III. What is Ba Vuong Dai Chien Code? How to have more Giftcode?

– As Taimienphi reported above, CODE GAME Conqueror Dai Chien is a gift that NPH sends every time a new game is released, they provide many rare items or equipment to help users easily overcome the initial difficult stages.

– Ba Vuong Dai Chien Code will usually be provided by NPH through events and events held at many official Fanpage forums, or you can get them right in this article. We will regularly update the latest gift codes here for your convenience.

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