Synthesize the new Code of War of the Gods, enter the code Among Gods to receive Diamonds

Among Gods – Also known as Chien Ky Chu Than is an exciting adventure role-playing game in the Chinese world. With a unique storyline and rich quests, Code Chien Chi Chu Than allows players to create their own story when building and managing the city, expanding the territory to dominate the land.

War of the Gods (Among Gods) is not only an entertaining game, but also brings cultural and historical values. Players have the opportunity to enter the Code of War of the Gods and explore traditional Chinese culture through in-game elements, from costumes and architecture to legends and myths about the gods.


Latest Giftcode Among Gods Code List, Giftcode Among Gods

1. Latest Full Code of War of Gods

CODE 1: topup8888
CODE 2: lunarnewyear2023
CODE 3: vrD2dDAh
CODE 4: wishmerry2022
CODE 5: emojicreate0756
CODE 7: DeG8zP79
CODE 8: WelcometoAG0824

2. Detailed instructions for entering the Code of War of Gods

Step 1: Complete the tutorial Chapter 2-6.
Step 2: Enter the Main Citadel => select 3 dashes icon.

Enter the code for the registration process on Android

Step 3: Select CDKey create a new table appears.

enter the giftcode to receive the payment on the iPhone

Step 4: Import Code of War of Gods in the empty box, click Confirm.

doi code the game chien ky chu than

– Rewards players receive when exchanging Code of War of Gods.

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code for more than 5

3. Frequently asked questions about Code of War of Gods

– How to change Code of War of Gods?
+ To change the Code of War of the Gods, players need to complete the tutorial first. After completing the tutorial, go to the main city screen. Tap the menu button on the right side of the screen, it’s the icon of three horizontal lines. Find the CDKEY on the screen and touch it.

+ Enter Game Codes The War of the Gods is valid and receives the reward. New CD KEY gift codes are released regularly, we keep track of all these codes and put them all together in this list.

– How to get more Code of War of Gods?
+ Many new Codes of War of Gods are published on the game’s official social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and the game’s official Discord. You can bookmark this page and check the gift code often. When available, we will update the list with all new redemption codes.

– Link to download War of the Gods, Among Gods for Android and iOS
+ Link to download Android version: Among Gods for Android
+ Link to download iOS version: Among Gods for iPhone

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