The Gasper Store Reviews: The best minimal jewelry brand

The Gasper Store is highly recommended in many reviews because this is a combination of quality, price, and design. If you are not looking for jewelry just for the brand name, you should totally take a look at this review of The Gasper to see whether it’s worth buying or not.

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About The Gasper

The Gasper started as a small business using a hand-drawn design. Then they take advantage of modern technology, associated with centuries-old smithery. That’s how they produce the high-quality jewelry as you see today. They are passionate about creating the finest jewelry in the streetwear industry. The Gasper reaches this by making jewelry in limited quantities to the best standard possible.

Every small detail of The Gasper jewelry started with an idea, and each piece of their jewelry item was created by absolutely following a little creativity, letting the idea come out itself. First, the designer team will sketch their idea on a paper. Then the idea will be expertly and thoroughly crafted by hand.

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    Features you would love at The Gasper

    Exquisite Design

    The Gasper has been praised a lot in many The Gasper store reviews by its design. The jewelry design here is not only elegant and luxurious but also minimal. So people who are into minimalist can pick these items too. This is also what makes The Gasper jewelry easier to mix and match with many kinds of outfits.

    High-quality Materials

    The Gasper jewelry materials are carefully picked so that they do not only last longer but also cost-effective. The main material they use is 316 stainless steel. This is the secret of The Gasper to make their products with the same look and quality properties and still have a reasonable price. The reason The Gasper can pull this off is that they make jewelry for creative self-expression, not to raise their ego. To make sure the jewelry has natural gold shines, they put on every piece of jewelry with 18K Gold by vacuum sealing. By using the latest technology and a thick layer of gold, they can be sure that The Gasper jewelry will not lose its color or have stains even after dropping it in the water.

    Amazing Customer Service

    You can feel safe when you choose The Gasper to shop for jewelry because they offer you the best experience possible here. You can read more The Gasper Store reviews to see there are many other happy customers confirmed that or you can experience that yourself.

    The Gasper Store Featured Products

    Havana Ring

    Havana Ring - the gasper store

    Havana Ring – a statement curb braided ring is one of the best seller at The Gasper at the moment. It is made of Highest Grade 316 Stainless Steel which makes it fade, water and heat resistant. You can choose to coat it with 18k Gold or 925 Silver.

    2mm snake chain

    2mm snake chain - the gasper store

    This Snake Chain also attracted many customers with its clean yet sweet look. It is also made of Highest Grade 316 Stainless Steel which makes it fade, water and heat resistant.

    Twins X Cross

    Twins X Cross - the gasper store

    This Twins x Cross chain will surely make you outstanding in a crowd since it’s the best-selling handcrafted minimalist products. It’s only available in limited quantities so you’d better be hurry to get this item. The Twins pendants looks best when you wear it with the slim Cross chain.

    The Gasper Store Reviews

    The Gasper jewelry is really worth buying because it does not only have high quality and beautiful design but also reasonable prices. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still manage to buy The Gasper products. Let’s take a look at some customers’ reviews about The Gasper:

    “Love the rings! I read all these reviews here and I got a little worried but I didn’t need to be, it was just a little late due to the pandemic. The rings I ordered fit perfectly and look high quality. I will definitely be ordering more from them in the future. Please be patience and have faith!” – Christopher Lee

    “IT’S LEGIT! My necklace arrived today and it looks beautiful! Considering that I placed my order less than 3 weeks ago, and it had to come all the way from the UK to Australia, I was very pleasantly surprised by how fast it was. There are a lot of impatient people on here claiming that they have been scammed because its been 2 weeks since they placed their order and their stuff hasn’t arrived yet lol. Please be patient and stop accusing this new up and coming company of being scammers! I am very happy with my necklace and will probably order from this company again. I will try to remember to come back and update this review once I know how the necklace deals with wear and tear over time.” – Caitlin Erbacher

    “Amazing! I was super nervous in ordering as I heard shipping could take a while. But I got my package in just two weeks! Absolutely love my new chain and pendant!” – Sophia

    “Beautiful Jewelry. I don’t know about how long it will last before tarnishing, but all the pieces feel of very high quality and are beautiful!” – Laura Pivoriunaite

    The Gasper FAQs

    Is your jewellery plated with real gold?

    Our jewelry is plated with 5 microns of Genuine 18 Karat Yellow Gold. We use latest ion-bonding plating technology to ensure that our jewelry is scratch and water resistant.

    Does your jewellery fade?

    Our jewellery base material is 316 Stainless Steel, coated using PVD vacuum coating technology, preventing scratches, fade and is resistant to water and other elements. Our jewellery will not cause rashes or skin irritation.

    Is your jewellery waterproof?

    Accidentally washed your jewellery? Not to worry!

    Our jewellery is 100% Waterproof, meaning you can hop in showers, baths, pools,sea or even have a workout while wearing it without having to worry about tarnishing or fading.

    Does your jewellery turn your skin green?

    Green skin and other types of rashes are caused by jewellery which is made from zinc or other cheap alloys. We use premium 316 Stainless Steel for all of our jewellery, which does not cause harm to skin under any conditions.

    How long does it take to manufacture a Custom text product?

    Custom text product manufacturing usually takes 10-14 business days. After that, regular shipping times apply. You can find them here

    What is the delivery time for my order?

    Orders usually take 5-14 business days to arrive. Orders are processed within 1-3 business days.

    For the most accurate delivery times, please check following the list.

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    The Gasper is a reliable brand that you can trust in when buying jewelry. The handcrafted jewelry with unique design which comes in reasonable prices here will surely make you satisfied.

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