The latest 11 Codes of Tan 3Q Truyen Ky 2023, enter the Code to receive a free Recruiting Ticket, Bao Thach

With a large community of gamers and enthusiastic support from the publisher, Tan 3Q Truyen Ky has become one of the most popular online mobile games today. Players can enter Code Code Tan 3Q Truyen Ky and participate in community activities, compete in intense PvP matches.

Offer to withdraw 10 free cards per day, still not enough to satisfy gamers. That’s why so many Code Tan 3Q Truyen Ky was launched to support players in forming a squad of the Three Kingdoms to conquer the world, leading them to conquer the global rankings.

code tan 3q for the first day of the year 2023

The latest Tan 3Q Truyen Ky code and how to enter Giftcode

1. Latest Full Code Tan 3Q Truyen Ky

CODE 1: YML666
CODE 2: YML777
CODE 3: YML888
CODE 4: YML999

2. How to enter Code Tan 3Q Truyen Ky

Step 1: Log in to the game, click Avatar figure.

Enter the code for the game tan 3q Truyen Ky 2023

Step 2: In the new panel that appears, select Redemption code.

doi giftcode tan 3q for the first day of the year 2023

Step 3: Import Code Tan 3Q Truyen Ky latest in the empty box => click Confirm.

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su dung ma through tang code tan 3q transmission every day

– Similarly, you proceed to change the remaining Codes of Tan 3Q Truyen Ky game.

Enter the code of Tan 3q Truyen Ky game on Android iOS

3. Where to get the new Tan 3Q Truyen Ky Code?

Joining events at the homepage, Fanpage and Group every day is the best way for you to receive the latest Code Tan 3Q Truyen Ky. Many other ingame rewards are also distributed to the fastest pre-registered gamer Tan 3Q Truyen Ky.
– Website received Game Codes other here.

4. Introducing the game Tan 3Q Truyen Ky

Tan 3Q Truyen Ky is a game with the familiar Three Kingdoms theme, combining eye-catching Japanese anime style 2D graphics, along with a unique fantasy element that has attracted gamers who want to download and play right from the first glance. head.

– Gathering many familiar heroes of the Three Kingdoms.

– Colorful and eye-catching 2D graphics.

– Free 10 card draws per day, no need to recharge, you can still get stronger.

– Regular hero interaction, get free rewards.

– Shaping the characters with new, more trendy looks.

– Gameplay in the direction of traditional strategy.

– PvE/PvP activities are opened regularly, giving gamers freedom to feel.

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