The latest 3D Douluo Code of the Greatest Road Gate

After many days of waiting, finally, the trial version of Douluo 3D Extreme Duong Mon has ended, the first servers of the Open Beta version have been opened, along with countless attractive gifts sent by NPH in the latest Douluo 3D Extreme Duong Mon Codes for free.

Stepping into the world of Douluo 3D, you can participate in the battle to hunt and collect Soul Beasts to improve your cultivation, create new amazing sets with Code Douluo 3D Greatest Road Gate Latest.

1. Introducing the game Douluo 3D Greatest of the Road Gate

Douluo 3D Greatest Road Gate – MMORPG role-playing game possesses realistic 3D graphics to every detail, diverse skill effects and a large open world map. Here you can freely go hunting for spirit beasts, create great learning and treasure hunting together, explore the mainland.

2. Outstanding features of the game Douluo 3D Greatest of the Road Gate

– 3D MMORPG game on Android and iOS
– Unlimited characters, free to awaken martial spirits
– Self-created great learning, researching hidden weapons
– Many attractive team copies
– Build your own Tongmen, compete against the server
– Create diverse complete skeletons

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The code is 3D according to the direction

Synthesize the latest Code of Douluo 3D Greatest Road Mon Mobile

3. Why must enter the Code of the game Douluo 3D Greatest Tang Mon?

In order to improve the player’s cultivation, players need to collect martial souls from many different types of monsters, the journey is difficult and arduous. But enter the Code Douluo 3D Greatest Street Gate, you will immediately receive valuable ingredients without having to search for them such as:
– KC Soul Lock
– Secondary Essence
– Purification of the Soul Marrow
– Minh Van, Tien Thao, Kim Ngu Thao
– Soul Coins

4. List of the latest Douluo 3D Masterpieces of the Road

– dl3d8888
– dl3d9999

– daula3d999

Taimienphi is updating and adding the latest Douluo Douluo 3D Greatest Tangmen GiftCode to readers, please visit often to not miss any attractive rewards.

5. How to enter Code Douluo 3D The Greatest Road Gate

Step 1: Access the link HERE choose game Douluo 3D Greatest Road Gate in the game list of NPH Funtap.
Step 2: Login game account Douluo 3D The Greatest Road Gate.
Step 3: Go to Redeem Codeselect Server and Figure want to change the code.
Step 4: Press Continuelog in to the game to receive rewards via Letters.

The giftcode is 3D with the way of the mon

6. How to get new Douluo 3D Masterpiece of Duong Mon Code

Join the event at the game’s official forums, each event is rewarded with a super valuable Douluo 3D Code.
– Homepage Douluo 3D Greatest Road Gate
– Facebook Fanpage Dou La 3D Greatest Tang Mon
– Group Douluo 3D Greatest Tang Mon
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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