The latest code MU Unlimited Gold Egg 2023, enter the Code to get free Diamonds

Entering Code MU Unlimited Golden Eggs gives players the opportunity to quickly increase their character’s combat power, easily get more advanced Legendary items. With the valuable MU Codes of Gold Eggs, you can experience the game in a special way and quickly overcome difficult challenges.

A new version of mobile role-playing game called MU Unlimited Golden Eggs will be released by VISION GAME in Vietnam right in this June 2023. Code MU Unlimited Golden Eggs can help players receive many attractive gifts in the game such as red-class equipment, blessing stones, golden eggs, … completely free.

The code is so resonant

The latest MU Codes of Unlimited Gold Eggs

1. Collection of the latest MU Unlimited Gold Egg Code

CODE 1: VIP666666
CODE 2: VIP777777
CODE 3: VIP888888
CODE 4: FGQ666
CODE 5: FGQ888
CODE 6: FGQ999
CODE 7: QJ666
CODE 8: QJ888
CODE 9: QJ999

2. Instructions to enter Code MU Unlimited Gold Eggs

Step 1: Update the game to the latest version
– Link to download Android version: MU Unlimited Gold Eggs for Android
– Link to download iOS version: MU Unlimited Gold Eggs for iPhone
Step 2: Log in the game, click the icon Avatar.
Step 3: Choose card Giftcode on the bulletin board.
Step 4: Import Code MU Unlimited Golden Eggs => press Activated.

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3. Where to get the new Unlimited Gold Egg MU Code?

Currently participating in the MU Unlimited Golden Egg event, pre-register at the official website for a chance to win a lucky draw, Honda Rebel 500, HONDA Airblade 2023, iPhone 14 Pro and many other super prizes including Code MU Golden Egg Special Unlimited.
– Website MU Unlimited Gold Eggs
– MU Fanpage of Unlimited Gold Eggs

In the meantime, you can continue to explore the Mystical MU Continent in your country version, download MU Unlimited Golden Egg Chinese version and find out what you will have to do when the game is officially released in Vietnam, quickly increasing your fighting power to overcome millions of formidable gamers.

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