The latest Code of Di Tien Hiep 5/2023 and how to enter the giftgame code

At 10 am today, the role-playing game Di Tien Hiep officially opened the first servers, along with that, NPH gave away the latest Di Tien Hiep Codes to receive Divine Feathers, Free General Soul Command Cards to You have a full inventory of gods and masters all over the Three Realms.

Immediately after hearing that MiGame exclusively released the game Di Tien Hiep in the Vietnamese market, many players were eager to find Code Dirty Tien Hiepensuring gamers have the best experience before starting to explore the poetic swordplay and first half storyline.

code to go forward

Synthesize the latest Heirloom Code and how to enter Giftcode

1. Full set of Di Tien Hiep Codes to receive divine feathers and general soul orders

CODE 4: VIP888
CODE 5: VIP999

2. The fastest way to enter the Code Di Tien Hiep

Requires character to reach level 30 to unlock the Benefits feature

Step 1: After reaching level 30, you go to the Welfare in Thanh Chinh.
Step 2: Continue to select item Redeem Code.
Step 3: Import Code Dirty Tien Hiep latest => press Get it Now.

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Enter the code to go to the first place on Android

Step 4: Click Confirm Collect the latest Stranger Hero Code redemption reward

Enter the code to get the latest code on iOS

3. Tips to get the new Wei Xian Hiep Code

Before the warm welcome of Vietnamese gamers, NPH has launched many events to receive Game Codes Di Tien Hiep like Hung game receive Giftcode, Like Fanpage, register to download Di Tien Hiep early and report home page. Limited gifts are also distributed by the Admin team to players who own the hard Fan badge.

– Home page Di Tien Hiep
– Fanpage Di Tien Hiep
– Group Di Tien Hiep

4. Why do you have to enter the Code Di Xian Hiep

Entering the Code Di Tien Hiep helps you to own more copper coins, divine feathers, magic spells, intermediate general soul commands and random knitting properties. They are important and useful items and resources to help newbies get used to the game progress.

5. Introducing the game Di Tien Hiep

Di Tien Hiep is a tactical general fighting game, with an unusual and unique combination of two genres of first half and swordplay, opening a completely new world for gamers to explore and experience.

– Unique 2D graphics, combined with suspended AFK gameplay.
– Gather hundreds of Gods and masters from all over the Three Realms to gather.
– Exciting PvP/PvE activities open daily.
– The feature of plowing vegetarian to Vip is extremely good.

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