The latest Code of Naughty Giang Ho

Code Naughty Giang Ho – Tan Tam Khuc Xa Dieu has made its first strides in Vietnam, the game is currently in development, there are many events to receive free Code Nghia Giang Ho, don’t miss the precious gifts to make your start more favorable.

Enter the latest Code of Naughty Giang Ho below, recruit and gather powerful martial arts masters to compete for the throne of Master Vo Lam, Thieu Trieu Thien Ha. Naughty Giang Ho is an extremely interesting tactical playground that you will surely enjoy as soon as you log in.

1. Introduction to the game “Naughty Giang Ho”

Naughty Giang Ho – Tan Tam Khuc Chibi belongs to the genre of chibi graphics card strategy game on Android and iOS, the game has more than 100 martial arts heroes coming out of the classic works of the late writer Kim Dung will bring you unforgettable experiences.

2. Outstanding features of the game Against Jiang Ho

– General card strategy game with the theme of swordplay Kim Dung
– Chibi graphics, detailed character creation of the original standard
– Freedom to arrange formations, tactics
– System to counter, neutralize enemy skills
– More than 10 PvP activities, hundreds of PvP activities

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Synthesize the latest Code of Naughty Giang Ho

3. Why have to enter the game Code of Naughty Giang Ho?

The opportunity to own Hong That Cong, Duong Qua, Tieu Long Nu, Nam Murong, Bac Kieu Phong … the fastest is to enter the Code Against Giang Ho, receive KNB and use them to recruit more Legendary heroes.
– Get Kim Nguyen Bao
– Get a God Equip Chest
– Get Legendary Recruit Card
– Get VIP 10 for free

4. Latest List of Codes Against Giang Ho

– XADIEU2022
– CODE3006728
– THVV2706
– CODECN2606
– 2106CODE32
– NOW2106OLS

Taimienphi is updating and adding a new Code of Naughty Giang Ho.

5. How to enter Code Against Jiang Ho

Step 1: Access the link to change the Code of the Reckless Giang Ho HERE
Step 2: Log in Naughty Giang Ho accountselect figure need to change GiftCode.

new code for every day

Step 3: Go to GiftCode on the next page.

giftcode for fun

Step 4: Import Code Against Jianghupress Get GiftCode.

full code for daily life

Step 5: After changing GiftCode success, go back to the game Letters receive rewards.

Enter the code for the first day of the week

6. How to get a new Code of Naughty Giang Ho

Every day on the Fanpage and Group page, there are extremely attractive minigames, the reward for participants is a super valuable gift code.
– Homepage Against Jiang Ho
– Facebook Fanpage against Giang Ho
– Group Naughty Giang Ho
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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