The latest MU Origin 3 Code

Entering the Code MU Origin 3 is very important to overcome the challenges and dangers on this MU Continent. So, before starting the journey, you need to change the Code MU Origin 3 as soon as possible, after creating a new character and logging into the game.

Every day you complete the fixed active quest, you can get a lot of valuable materials, there are many other super rewards waiting for you after entering Code MU Origin 3compete for the Top 1 position after the game launches every day to be able to receive limited rewards.

1. Introducing the game MU Origin 3

MU Origin 3 – MU Origin 3 is a new version of MU mobile role-playing game that allows you to freely explore the vast world through 3 main character classes including Swordsman, Archer and Mage. MU Origin 3 possesses advanced 3D graphics with a map of 5 million square meters, many epic inter-server combat activities to occupy different cities. Each player can influence the outcome of the battle.

2. Outstanding features of the game MU Origin 3

– Original role-playing game MU PC
– Freely explore the vast world through 3 main classes
– Beautiful skill effects for a great experience
– Freedom to trade, freedom to explore the world of 5 million square meters
– Many inter-server activities for glory

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code to open source 3

Summary of the latest MU Origin 3 Mobile Code

3. Why enter the game Code MU Origin 3?

Entering the Code MU Origin 3 allows you to explore the MU Continent with Rare Gold equipment, Blue Diamonds used to buy items in the Shop, or Free Equipment Level Up Stones, increasing battle power quickly to compete for TOP 1 gifts every day.
– Get Blue Diamond, Golden Diamond
– Get Rare Gold Weapons and Equipments
– Get Feathers, Soul Stones, Wish Gems
– Get Fashion Outfits
– Get Free Gold Coins

4. Latest MU Origin 3 Code List


Taimienphi is updating and adding the new Code MU Origin 3 here

5. How to enter Code MU Origin 3

Step 1: On the main interface of MU Origin 3, select gift box icon.

code to enter the code to open the code 3

Step 2: In Benefits, select GiftCode card

code for the game to play the game 3

Step 3: Import Code MU Origin 3press Change.

giftcode for free 3

6. How to get new MU Origin 3 Codes

Complete the events at Fanpage, Group to have some newer Code MU Origin 3 for the journey to explore the MU Continent, a great start.
– Home page MU Origin 3
– Facebook Fanpage MU Khoi Nguyen 3
– Group MU Khoi Nguyen 3
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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