The latest Three Kingdoms Fantasy Code

The Three Kingdoms strategy genre has always been a favorite topic of many gamers, on the occasion of opening the first server of the Open Beta version, Funtap presents a new Three Kingdoms Fantasy Code for players to quickly enter the war of Kings, participate in Top Racing to receive generous rewards.

If you want to own a strong lineup of famous generals, special SSR quality with super cool skills at the beginning of the game, Taimienphi recommends you enter Code Fantasy Three Kingdoms More often, the chance to receive thousands of free precious stones

1. Introduction game Fantasy Three Kingdoms

The general strategy card game Fantasy Three Kingdoms allows players to build a squad of 6 characters from more than 100 famous generals from Wei – Thuc – Ngo and 4 special factions. Players must use strategic skills to create extremely unique brain battles, overcome thousands of other opponents to become the hegemony of the world.

2. Outstanding features of the game Fantasy Three Kingdoms

– Gathering more than 100 famous generals, breaking through the quality limit
– Freedom to build cross-border squads
– Unique graphics, impressive skills
– Lots of activities, unlimited play
– Sign in to receive Free optional cam

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code of three kingdoms

Synthesize the latest Code of Fantasy Three Kingdoms Mobile

3. Why enter Code of Fantasy Three Kingdoms game?

Kim Nguyen Bao, Premium Recruit Ticket, Champion Shard, Binh Ngoc and Silver are things that gamers can receive immediately after entering the Three Kingdoms Fantasy Code, without having to do missions, participate in activities or pass copies.

4. Latest Fantasy Three Kingdoms Code List

– HTQ666
– HTTQ888
– HT3Q6868
– vip999

Above are the latest Three Kingdoms Funtap Fantasy Code up to now, we will update and add to the list of new codes as soon as they appear.

5. How to enter Code Fantasy Three Kingdoms

Step 1: Access website HERE => choose game Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms.
Step 2: Log in Fantasy Three Kingdoms account.
Step 3: Go to Giftcode => choose Redeem Code => Server => Figure want to change the code Fantasy Three Kingdoms.
Step 4: Import Code Fantasy Three Kingdoms => choose Continuelogin the game to receive rewards through the system Letters.

code of the three kingdoms 2

6. How to get new Three Kingdoms Fantasy Code

Actively participating in activities at Fanpage, Group and official website of Fantasy Three Kingdoms, players will receive countless attractive gifts, super valuable GiftCode Fantasy Three Kingdoms.
– Home page Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms
– Fanpage Facebook Fantasy Three Kingdoms
– Group Fantasy Three Kingdoms
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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