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If you’re looking for codes for Touchgrind Scooter, you’ve come to the perfect spot. This article offers a complete collection of codes that you can use for Touchgrind Scooter. Touchgrind Scooter is a popular entertainment app belonging to the Sports genre. It was developed by Illusion Labs and was first released in Dec 8, 2021. Over time, it has received numerous updates and improvements, leading to its current version, 1.2.0, which is compatible with Android versions 8.0.

At present, the game is available for installation at a price of Free. It has garnered over 1,000,000+ downloads from Google Play. Touchgrind Scooter has been rated 3.5/5 stars based on a significant number of ratings, which amounts to 7929 in total. Among the ratings, 1813 have given it a full 5-star rating, while 870 have awarded it 4 stars. Furthermore, there is a breakdown of 3958 1-star ratings. Regarding content ratings on Google Play, Touchgrind Scooter has received a classification of Everyone.

Explore the latest redeem codes and gift codes for Touchgrind Scooter on Goforten.com. Our collection is regularly updated as of 08/12/2023, and we are confident that these codes will help enhance your gaming experience in Touchgrind Scooter.

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Touchgrind Scooter Code – Latest Updated

  • SSFI8 Get ready to shine with 100 diamonds!
  • KUUFT Exchange this code for a grand total of 500 gold coins.
  • 52PY Enter this code and claim a special reward of 50 diamonds.
  • V0YU Use this code to acquire a remarkable 150 diamonds and enhance your gaming arsenal.
  • XPL6J Exchange this code for a staggering 500 gold coins.
  • YH1IP Unleash the power of this code and receive 50 diamonds instantly.
  • GMIQA Claim a generous bonus of 100 diamonds by entering this code.
  • G6FOD Exchange this coupon for an impressive 500 coins and witness your in-game fortune grow exponentially.
  • G86J Use this code and unlock a valuable reward of 50 diamonds.
  • 0WNY5 Input this code and acquire 100 diamonds instantly.
  • I4QK Exchange this code for a legendary gold item.
  • 0JX4 Redeem this code to claim a rare and coveted in-game collectible.
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Touchgrind Scooter Redeem code

  • W9F28
  • 9B6UG
  • 12H4B
  • NESW
  • OOU5U
  • 75CT
  • RB5A6
  • VDUV
  • 0NISL
  • TEND

Touchgrind Scooter Freebies code

  • 37CTF
  • GR4I
  • P2QU
  • 5TXJ
  • 9I6E8
  • GV95O
  • FVSY
  • I24D
  • 659HB

Touchgrind Scooter Serial code

  • A0LX
  • JEOT
  • C5SIG
  • ZO5S
  • K1ZEI
  • MIPR
  • C9KF
  • DLH0
  • 4FDO

Touchgrind Scooter code might be expired

  • VSX8
  • ZWQ8K
  • Y9LV
  • XMEZ
  • ZKX9
  • NS90
  • W0Y3
  • 70DH
  • C82Q

How to Redeem Touchgrind Scooter Code

To redeem the Touchgrind Scooter code, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Touchgrind Scooter.
  2. Locate the section or option in the game where you can enter the gift code.
  3. Enter the Touchgrind Scooter gift code into the provided field.
  4. Confirm the code and wait for the game to process it. Once successful, you will receive the specified in-game rewards associated with the code.

Enjoy your rewards and have an amazing time playing Touchgrind Scooter!

Touchgrind Scooter Introduction

[Code] Touchgrind Scooter Redeem Code

IT IS FINALLY HERE! Let us present the wildest Touchgrind game so far, TOUCHGRIND SCOOTER, brought to you by the creators of Touchgrind BMX 2 and Touchgrind Skate 2. We took the core of the Touchgrind brand, listened closely to OUR PLAYERS suggestions and feedback and created the most advanced and stunning Touchgrind game yet.


* Same revolutionary TWO FINGER CONTROLS as seen in Touchgrind BMX 2
* Customizable SCOOTERS: standard, epic and legendary with loads of gear and color combinations
* FEATURES realistic 3D graphics, an amazing original soundtrack accompanied by heavy sound effects
* Countless amount of UNLOCKABLE scooters and gear
* VARIOUS GAME MODES: tricky, freestyle & versus
* Heaps of CHALLENGES and TROPHIES on each location
* Full-blown RANKING SYSTEM on each location – world, country, city and among friends
* EPIC and LEGENDARY scooters that will make your jaw drop
* Gmail and Apple connectivity to SAVE & SYNC PROGRESS between devices

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TAKE CONTROL AND RULE YOUR CITY when beating local rivals in your own region. Will you be the dominating rider and for how long? Compete on a big or small scale: globally, in your country or even in your OWN HOMETOWN.

BECOME A LEGEND and prove your dominance whilst exploring urban locations in a large city. BE TOUGH and keep up with the best scooter competitors globally when racing on multiple tracks on each location. Grind escalators and rails, boost off huge jumps, ramps and ledges, score insane fakie trick combos and you may be just one step closer to becoming the best rider in the world.

DESIGN, CHANGE GEAR and assemble your customizable Scooter with hundreds of colors to choose from. Earn and unlock additional gear, epic and legendary scooters and much more.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF IN VARIOUS GAME MODES and rank up! Secure shiny trophies and compare your best scores with other players around the globe or in your own region. Learn and improve your skills by checking out other players’ runs. Glory awaits those skilled enough to master fakie riding, backflips, rider flips, grinds and many other tricks. So what are you waiting for?

REALISTIC GRAPHICS AND ORIGINAL MUSIC make Touchgrind Scooter a truly breathtaking gaming experience. Once you break the rules of gravity, get the hang of speed, style and precision and watch your Scooter soar in this adrenaline-fueled Scooter game nothing will stop you from becoming THE Legend!

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Touchgrind Scooter Summary

Touchgrind Scooter header image

Touchgrind Scooter – Extreme Scooter Action

This game is in category: Sports

Current version: 1.2.0

This game is released on Dec 8, 2021

Apps & Games content ratings on Google Play: Everyone

Recent change of the game:

Players can now take part of premium content, such as locations and cosmetics, by watching rewarded videos.

Touchgrind Scooter has the overal review is 3.5 stars with more than 7929 reviews.

Touchgrind Scooter has 1,000,000+ Downloads

Touchgrind Scooter is Free to install.

$1.49 – $27.99 per item

Touchgrind Scooter game policy: https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/25571225

Curent version of Touchgrind Scooter is 8.0 by developer Illusion Labs, ID-7495700166596495310

About the game developer

Email: support@illusionlabs.se

Website: https://www.illusionlabs.com

Address: Gustav Adolfs torg 45
211 39 Malmö

Touchgrind Scooter Images

Touchgrind Scooter photo 1

Touchgrind Scooter photo 2

Touchgrind Scooter photo 3

Touchgrind Scooter photo 4

Touchgrind Scooter photo 5

Touchgrind Scooter photo 6

Touchgrind Scooter photo 7

Touchgrind Scooter photo 8

Touchgrind Scooter photo 9

Touchgrind Scooter photo 10

Touchgrind Scooter photo 11

Touchgrind Scooter photo 12

Touchgrind Scooter FAQs

1. What is Touchgrind Scooter?

Touchgrind Scooter is a game developed by Illusion Labs in the Sports category.

2. When was the latest update for Touchgrind Scooter released?

The latest update for Touchgrind Scooter was released on Dec 8, 2021.

3. How many downloads does Touchgrind Scooter have?

Touchgrind Scooter has 1,000,000+ downloads.

4. What is the overall rating for Touchgrind Scooter?

Touchgrind Scooter has an overall rating of 3.5 stars based on 7929 reviews.

5. What is the current version of Touchgrind Scooter for Android?

The current version of Touchgrind Scooter for Android is 8.0.

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⭐⭐⭐✩✩ 465

⭐⭐✩✩✩ 784

⭐✩✩✩✩ 3958

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