Unknown Facts About Scleral Contact Lenses

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What are Scleral Contact Lenses?

Known as scleral contact lenses, they are a kind of hard contact lens that are particularly developed for the eyes and is available in a range of different colours. Because they are made of rigid gas permeable (RGP) material, they may have a larger diameter than ordinary rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Their huge diameter has the ability to vault over the cornea of the eye, which makes them more pleasant to wear for certain individuals than other kinds of contact lenses are.

Patients who suffer from a range of various types of visual impairment may find that wearing Scleral Lenses is a particularly pleasant experience. Scleral lenses may be advantageous for those who have an uneven corneal surface.

How do scleral contact lenses work?

In comparison to conventional contact lenses, scleral lenses are bigger and broader in size, and they are intended to rest on the sclera rather than the corneal surface itself. Contact lenses for the sclera are more costly than ordinary lenses for the eyes. 

The sclera is a layer of tissue that lies between the cornea and the iris, and it is where the lenses are supposed to be put while wearing glasses or contact lenses to correct vision. Create a fluid-filled chamber between the lens and the surface of the eye, which can then be sealed shut with a silicone seal. Specifically, the lens vaults over the cornea and enters the eye in order to form this chamber. This design, in addition to assisting in the maintenance of the eye’s moisture, also assists in the compensating for flaws in the form of the corneal surface, both of which are crucial jobs in the treatment of the eye.

Why should you pick Scleral contact lenses over other options?

Because of the lens’s vaulting over and around the cornea, it is possible for saline solution to be stored between the back of the lens and the front of the cornea. This permits the eye to remain moist and comfortable throughout the day. As a result, creating a healing environment for the eye is more easier now than it was before.

  • Scleral contact lenses are one of the many different kinds of contact lenses that RGP has to offer. They are comprised of a tough polymer that, according to the manufacturer, is designed to endure substantially longer than traditional contact lenses.
  • Increased lens diameter leads in the formation of a solid and stable zone, which minimizes the possibility of the lens sliding about while in use, hence reducing the risk of the lens being damaged. Consequently, the wearer’s vision remains steady and stable throughout the day.
  • Greater surface area contact is maintained by wider lenses, allowing the weight to be distributed more uniformly over the whole lens. Therefore, the user will have a better fit as a result of this modification.
  • As previously said, gas permeable materials are employed in the creation of lenses due to the fact that they allow oxygen to travel through them, which is essential for preserving excellent vision over the long term.
  • The lens offers protection against flying debris and dust particles, which may cause eye discomfort if they get into the eyes. Individuals who suffer from allergies and other respiratory diseases may find this to be a superb treatment option as an extra bonus.
  • It is beneficial to wear sunglasses with a larger lens for a variety of reasons, including improved peripheral vision, reduced glare, and decreased sensitivity to light.
  • The use of scleral contact lenses is prevalent in situations when other types of lenses are unable to give enough vision for the patient’s needs. In part because to their size and unique fit, they are a pleasant solution for a variety of eye illnesses, and they also provide a therapeutic atmosphere for individuals who need it.
  • According to the manufacturer, patients will no longer have to be concerned about their lenses slipping out when participating in sports or engaging in other activities since they will stay securely in place throughout such activities.
  • Scleral contact lenses made to order have a lifetime of 2-5 years, however they may last considerably longer than that.

What’s the Average Price?

Every individual who uses scleral contact lenses has a pair of lenses that are completely unique to them and have been created exclusively for them. Consequently, a greater initial expenditure, along with further visits to the clinic, may be required in order to guarantee that the proper fit is met. It is often found that the price of replacing old glasses with new ones is balanced by the advantages of having lenses that last longer and are more comfortable to wear, as they will not have to be replaced as frequently unless their eye health worsens.

Final Thoughts…

The fact that the great majority of patients find using scleral contact lenses to be pleasurable notwithstanding, there is a period of adjustment required before patients get acclimated to the practise. As a consequence of the correction, the great majority of patients express satisfaction, suggesting that their lenses are a joy to wear. The eye care regimen for soft contact lenses is not much different from the eye care regimen for hard contact lenses in terms of efficacy, which is a beneficial development.

If you would like more information about whether or not you could be a suitable candidate for scleral contacts lenses in the first place, please call our office to schedule an appointment. During your appointment, one of our optometrists who specializes in scleral contact lens fitting will inspect your eyes and provide suggestions based on their findings. At your appointment, you will get instructions on how to have your contact lenses prescription filled.

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